Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wrapping up tha drama!

Wooh!  let's get this story over with.

Ok, Nicole turned out to be 15!  I'm not sure how old Rodrigo was, he was such a pain in the ass that I never talked to him.  I'm guessing 22.  I was furious when i found out, because I figured she had run away from home.  El Mexicano dijo a Rodrigo that she needed to go back home immediately.  Rodrigo claimed they were in love and going to get married bla bla bla.

The next day, I came home from work and Nicole was sitting on the couch crying.  I went up to her and asked what was wrong.  She looked up at me and had a HUGE BLACK EYE!  I was like, "Nicole, what happened!"  She proceeded to tell me how her and Rodrigo were fighting and things got out of hand.  I asked her, "did he not go to work with the Mexican today?"  She informed me he did not.


I waited for el cunado (he was with el mexicano), Rodrigo (went for a walk....how sweet! ) y El Mexicano (working) to come home.

While waiting, I ranted and screamed and went on and on about women's rights and how a man does not hit a woman!  "I'm gonna call the police!" I shouted.    Nicole started begging me not to, "Rodrigo is illegal;  besides I scratched him really bad on the face and he's bleeding".


I continued.....
You do not put up with crap like that. I explained physical, mental, verbal abuse to her....   Gave her my cell and told her if she ever needed me, to call.  I continued expressing how they had to leave (our apartment) and I felt it was best for her to go back home.  Rodrigo was NO GOOD and she deserved better.  We actually had a good talk.  She expressed some concerns she had about her family and I tried to express that no matter where we come from we decide who we are going to end up being.  I kept on and on about education and how she still needed to go back to school and graduate bla bla bla.

I really hope Nicole hung on to some of the words I tried to drill into her head.

The Mexican and el cunado came home.  As soon as they walked in the door I lost it!  LOOK!   LOOK at her eye!  I looked at el cunado MIRA SU OJO!  SABES QUE TU HERMANO ES UN ABUSADOR!  RODRIGO gave her that black eye!  I want them ALL OUT OF HERE TOMMOROW!  I told the Mexican,   "Figure out what they are going to do and let me know."  I asked Nicole if she wanted to stay at the apartment with them or come with me.  She chose to stay, I had to get the hell out of there to regroup!

The next day El cunado, Rodrigo, y Nicole put a deposit down on a trailer.  It's all they could afford.  It took all their money.  So, once again, SUPER MEXICAN and SUPER GRINGA to the rescue!  We went to Good Will and bought furniture, a television, cookwear, we went to Walmart and bought towels, soap, etc...

I checked in on Nicole here and there.  All was fine, no apparent physical abuse, but i'm sure there was verbal abuse from EL BOBO RODRIGO!  One night there was a knock on the apartment door.  It was el cunado hablando bien rapido en espanol al Mexicano.  APURATE!  Come quick, Rodrigo y Nicole estan PELEANDO! (they are fighting)  El cunado dijo, Yo no quiero vivir con ellos, estan locos! (i don't want to live with them, they're crazy!)

HAHAHA! Really??
NOPE! SORRY!   ESTAMOS CERRADOS! (we're closed!)

El Mexicano went to check on things and deliver el cunado to his casa.  The next day I went and tried to talk to Nicole again all while receiving eat mierda looks from Rodrigo.

Couple more days passed and Rodrigo quit going to work with The Mexican.  The Mexican paid him a visit to see what was up........  Rodrigo cussed him out, not sure why, i guess he was having a bad day.

I had a LONG talk with The Mexican.  "I'm all for helping la familia, but la hija de tu hermana fue la persona that needed help the most.  Here we are spending money like locos when we could have sent it to your sister" I said.  "Now we are stuck with the 3 stooges!"  El cunado, who although he went to work con el Mexicano,  was a BIG whiner and wanted everything handed to him so easily.  El Mexicano sounded like un viejo I'm sure talking about ......"When I 1st came to los Estados Unidos, I had to work wherever, live where ever I could, I didn't have help like you've got. etc etc etc"  
Then there was BOBO Rodrigo, abusador, y idiota!  He knew I didn't like him and I believe the feeling was mutual!  He hated me talking to his novia, filling her head with ideas of she could do better and to not take ANY ABUSE from a man! Especially physical/verbal abuse and to go back home and get an education and I'm sure your family will help you etc etc etc.....
Then their was Nicole.  A confused girl, looking for love, trying to be tough without breaking down inside.

The good news is, my talks worked!  She called me one day when Rodrigo was "out looking for a job" and said she wanted to go back to Chicago.  Of course she had no money so Super Gringa bought her a one way ticket back on grey hound.

Once Rodrigo found out the S*&! hit the fan and he was not a happy camper.  El Mexicano told Rodrigo, "no buscas mas ayuda de mi!  I'm done!"  Rodrigo decided to go back to Chicago and el cunado went with his brother.

Big mistake on el cunado's part because El Mexicano would have helped him so much more..........  When he got to Chicago I think el cunado's eyes were opened on how tough and rough things really are!  I mean, he had it made with our support!

El cunado eventually returned to Veracruz.  La hija had the operation y todo esta bien.......

Solomente I wonder what happened to Nicole.  I hope she is somewhere safe and passing the NO ABUSO message on to her friends or daughters..... (this happened a long time ago)  I hope all my speeches somehow got through to her and she is living the life all women deserve.

~Until next time~


  1. Eat mierda looks had me laughing! HAHAHA - sounds like it was a hell of time with these people!

  2. C-
    It was, but i learned alot from them too I guess..... like what i would refuse to put up with from a man!
    Thanks for posting!!

  3. Freaks me out! I hope that girl is ok. Abuse is never justifiable!

  4. Chantilly,
    Again, couldn't agree with ya more! It is NEVER justifiable like you said.
    I hope she is okay too!
    My poor hubby gets an ear full because i'm always preaching women's rights and fighting abuse and other issues.....
    Any real chance he has or had of ever being machista with me, has gone straight out the door!
    But that discussion is for another time.
    Thanks for posting amiga mia!