Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teresa ......... the final weeks

 I am so overdue for a Teresa update. I've waited so long and so much has happened that I have no idea if I will remember everything....   The novela is in it's final weeks and I'm pretty upset about that.  I'm going to miss Teresa when she is gone.

Where to start....  I've got tons to cover.  All the story lines intertwine and it's hard to cover just one character.  I'm going to touch on the most important highlights or I'll never finish this post.

Teresa is one cold hearted b*$#&.   I still love her though.  She's been busy playing with people's hearts and minds.  

Aida, although Aida started off getting close to Mauriano  just to get back at Teresa, she ended up falling for Mauriano.  They dated for a while and it really pissed Teresa off.  Aida calmed down bashing todos los pobres de la vencidad.  She sort of became humbled.  In the meantime she found out Esperanza (her daddy's mistress) was preggers!  She convinced her mom to file for divorce.  Aida and her mother also discovered her father was involved in some fraudulent activities, notified the police, and he was arrested.  Mauriano broke up with Aida because she was harrassing Esperanza in the hospital. (Esperanza was placed on bedrest and was at risk of losing her baby) 

Mauriano, has finally seen the light!  He has finally seen how Teresa lies and lies then lies some more.  Mauriano made a fool of him self at the church by busting into the wedding and telling Teresa to not marry Arturo.  After waking up and smelling the coffee, he concentrated on working in the dinspensario (not sure of correct spelling) and ended up dating Aida.  Aida was ready to move in with Mauriano but then she started freaking out and acting crazy at the hospital (see above), Mauriano couldn't have that.  He now realizes he has feelings for Aurora!  (yay!!)  Teresa makes her occasional pop in suprise, but Mauriano has stuck to his guns and not fallen for Teresa's seductive ways.

Aurora's mother popped into town.  She ended up being complete trash.  Only after money.  She re-broke Aurora's heart.  Aurora did tell her off though and it was great!  Aurora was almost ready to marry Martin.  She can not deny that she still has feelings for Mauriano though...    Martin knows this and broke off the engagement.

 Ruben (Aida's father) went to jail (hahaahahaaaa).  He and Paulo's mother (can't remember her name) are in ca-hoots together and divising a plan to kidnap Esperanza's baby and raise it as their child.

Paloma died.  She was hit by a car.  While in the hospital and on her deathbed she confessed to Teresa  that her and Arturo slept together.

Arturo was devestated by Paloma's death.  He pulled it together though.  Once Teresa learned about Arturo and Paloma sleeping together all HELL broke loose.  She was all over that like white on rice....  Of course she had every right to be but she failed to mention she slept with Mauriano the night before their wedding.

Anyways,  she threatned divorce and made Arturo take her on this expensive trip to Europe, buy her all kinds of stuff etc...  Finally they decided to work on their marraige and save it.  Arturo confessed to Teresa he was working on this really big case and if he lost he would lose millions....  That got Teresa's attention! She helped him with the case etc...  It looked like all was good until Arturo gave Teresa's father some papers to be delivered relating to the case.  Teresa's father was attacked. (by Fito- the guy who Teresa paid to get Paulo addicted to drugs)  Fito, took the papers with him.  Arturo ended up losing the case.  Now he is in financial ruin.  The client who he was representing and lost, showed up at the house with a gun.  Teresa got in the middle of them and was shot.

Teresa, went to the hospital and was paralyzed for a while.  She has recovered.  Once home, Arturo found out that Teresa slept with Mauriano and married him for money.(he even had proof)  He was FURIOSO!  He wanted a divorce and told Teresa to get out!  Teresa was crying and packing her bags when Arturo had a change of heart.  He told her he still loves her and to stay.  Once again, they decided to work it out.  Arturo is starting to catch on to Teresa's true nature.  Arturo decided to test Teresa.  Since he lost the case, he lost all of his fortuna.  They had to move out of the house, sell the car, etc...  No worries, Arturo found them another house...... in la vencidad!  Teresa is freaking out over having to live there again.  She is sad and mad that Mauriano is luchando por el amor de Aurora.  She is pissed Arturo has her living in la vencidad.  Teresa is working on a plan.....  I'm not sure what it is but she has her eye on Fernando.

Fernando is engaged to Luisa (Arturo's sister).  He has a strong attraction to Teresa.  Fernando's mother came for a visit.  Fernando's mother is all about social class.  She can't stand Teresa because she comes from la pobreza.  She gives Teresa a hard time, always humiliating her.  So far it seems this woman might be able to take Teresa on.  Teresa is determined to have the final word though and hit her where it will hurt most.... her son!

So, this is where we are at.  I guess the finale is just around the corner.
To be continued......

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  1. I'm dying to see what ends up happening to this chick. Is it possible she'll end up losing everything? Or will her character change for the better? She should've stayed with Mauriano! Idiota! She's somebody you love to hate, for sure. I love that my mom gives me my daily update.

  2. Ezzy,
    How nice your mom gives you a daily update. No one that I know is watching Teresa. I tell my gringa best friend about it and she really wishes she could watch it. I'm glad I get to blog about it and chat with you about it!
    I too am dying to know what is going to happen. I do not see a happy ending in her future if she doesn't change soon.
    I wish she could see how her selfish choices are totally back firing!
    Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well w/you and ur beautiful familia!

  3. Great recap! Such an awesome show, I even got my two guy friends who do not speak Spanish very well to fall in love with the show!

  4. Thanks for commenting Jackie! Yep, I imagine for guys all it takes is seeing Teresa in some of her outfits and they're hooked! LOL

  5. can somebody gige me some beatiful fotos ofaurora