Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Anyone else watching Teresa?

I'm really into this novela!  1st of all, the opening song is awesome!  My son dances to it and I've caught my husband humming it.  I  love the theme song and want to buy it!  Gloria Trevi sings the theme song which  is "Esa Hembra es Mala".  It is catchy!  I can't get it out of my head....... my husband either, i'm sure it doesn't help that I sing it in the shower every morning. LOL

 I couldn't find the actual opening to Teresa with the theme song, but this will do.  See if you like it?  My favorite lyric (esa hembra que te ama, esta jugando contigo, esa hembra perfecta, es puritita traicion)  Listen to the words.......

Whew!  Right!  Well so far the novela is just as good as the opening song! Apparently Rubi was similar and Selma Hayak was in one similar as well, but this is my 1st time being introduced to this story line so it is all new to me.
Teresa played by Angelique Boyer is a beautiful young girl who is obsessed with money and becoming rich.  She is deceitful. She lies.  She is intelligent.  So far her sister has passed, she has vowed to get revenge on her ex and his new girlfriend for outing her as being "poor", and her parents do everything in their power to help her, but she wants more!  Her professor has agreed to pay for her to go to a great university and she works for him in return. She loves Mauriano (when convenient) and I'm wondering  if he'll ever be rich enough for her.  She also is developing some feelings for "el profesor" i think.........
Mauriano played by Aaron Diaz  (handsome guy!) lives in Teresa's neighborhood.  He drives a taxi and dreams of becoming a doctor.  He is a good guy.  He loves Teresa and is always trying to protect her along with doing what he can to help out his fellow neighbors.  So far, Mauriano does not like the fact that Teresa is working for "el profesor" and that her college is being paid for by "el profesor." Mauriano overheard Teresa's mother accusing Teresa of her and "el profesor" being too "friendly" with each other and accusing "el profesor" of wanting more with Teresa.  Mauriano lost it and went straight to the professor's house to confront him, but luckily was called away due to an emergency.  One of Teresa's best friends is secretly in love with Mauriano. (I would be too!  He is gorgeous!)
 Arturo de la Barrera (aka. "el profesor") played by Sebastian Rulli is one of Teresa's college professors.  He sees how smart (and beautiful) Teresa is and wants to help her.  After asking Teresa's parents for permission he pays for her university and Teresa works for him.  We learn that "el profesor's" parents were murdered and his ex girlfriend left him.  He is still struggling with this pain from years ago.  When the past is brought up he wants to drink. His sister and Teresa stay on top of the drinking and were successful at keeping the ex novia Paloma away until yesterday's episode!  Paloma  recently decided to get in touch with "el profesor" and ask him for forgiveness regarding the way she handled things in the past..... (he is just as handsome as Mauriano!  Los 2 son muy guapos!!)
Aurora played by Ana Brenda Contreras is one of Teresa's best friends.  Her father is a well respected doctor and she lives a rich lifestyle.  So far we have learned that her mother left her when she was little.  She does a lot of good deeds and secretly has helped out one of Teresa's neighbors by pulling some strings to help them get medical care. She also helped Teresa's sister when she was in the hospital with medical care.  She is secretly in love with Mauriano and has pulled some strings for him as well (secretly of course).  She is a true friend to Teresa. So this is Teresa so far in a nutshell.  After reading this it would be very easy to pick up!  I can't wait to see what is going to happen!  It is getting really good........... Here is a trailer from Univision:
Come on, don't ya wanna watch? Hope more people will jump on the Teresa bandwagon with me! Want to know what happened next?  Check out Teresa Update


  1. Love the song! And how the heck could a girl's waist be that freaking small? Honestly. I have to admit, I really like the professor. He's cute. I still want to shave the other guy (although, he's super-cute, too) ssshhh. Now you got me humming. Awesome post! : )

  2. Just watched the second the clip. YES, I want to watch. Bad. *taps finger on chin*

  3. I know Ezzy! Teresa is so freakin' skinny! I just want to feed her!!!! Yes, i'm torn between the professor and Mariano!! The professor is so sexy, Mauriano too! I love the 5 o clock shadow.....

    I'm glad you liked the post! You should watch it too! (wink wink)

  4. I think her waist looks small because she was skinny to begin with and got a boob job lol.. this was her during rebelde the little stick figure :D hehe http://nd04.jxs.cz/038/358/593446d880_68019035_o2.jpg

  5. Tanya,
    WOW! I would never had known that was her, unless i was really studying her face! Yeh, guess the boob job makes her waist look teeny tiny because she was already really skinny.
    Thanks for passing that link along. I learn something new everyday!
    Oh, was "rebelde" una novela or a singing group?

  6. What is the English translation of the Theme song?

  7. Ok Fluffy Raymond, here it is as best as
    "I" can translate it.....

    oh, and my husband explained to me once that "hembra" is a word used for a cow if I remember correctly, kind of like calling someone a bitch.

    My husband is not here to help me, but I feel pretty confident in my translation. Others are welcomed to chime in.....

    English translation of "Esa Hembra es Mala by Gloria Trevi:

    I'm going to introduce you to her,
    The one that sleeps in your bed,
    The one that is all lady like,
    That doesn't ask you for anything,
    But likes only the best things.

    Im going to introduce you to her,
    The one that says she loves you,
    The one that never says no,
    That would give up her life
    As long as you are happy.

    That woman was my friend,
    Damed be the day
    She stole everyhing so dear,
    And all for ambition,

    I know she's very pretty
    She even seems blessed
    But she is a fallen angel,
    She is a curse.

    That woman is bad
    That woman causes pain,
    That woman does not want
    That woman lies to you,
    That woman is bad
    She brings poison in her lips
    Her touch is an insult
    to your heart.

    That woman who you love
    is playing with you,
    That perfect woman,
    Is pure betrayal.

  8. I loved the series! I thought the alternate endings they showed on Hoy! the day after were better than the one that they used. But I watched it through a covert means live on televisa so I'm not gonna ruin it for those who are still watching it here in the US

  9. Anonymous,
    Thanks for not giving away the ending. The finale is Monday (October 3rd) and I personally am dying to see it! I hope you will come back and tell us about the alternate endings after the finale. If not, maybe I can find them online somewhere, on televisa maybe. I had no idea they had any alternate endings. Thanks for commenting! =)

  10. can anyone please give us the title if the song they sing during teresa/mariano and teresa/arturo scenes? or atleast the artist?

  11. Carol,
    I believe it is called "A donde vamos a parar" and is by Marco Antonio Solis. Look it up on Youtube, I'm pretty sure this is the one you are referring to.

  12. Tara,

    Thanks!! i found it. always loved the song. Thanks!

  13. No problem Carol, Glad I could help. =)

  14. She is really skinny but alright looking but the el professor is amazing amazing and soo beautiful omg she does really suit maurino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEAUTYYYY,:P:P:P:P:P:P

  15. Angelique Boyer looks very sexy as Teresa. She acted very well. Her smile is addictive and her teeth are so perfect when she smiles. I lover her expressions and acting an no doubt that she is super sexy woman!

  16. Douche Bags.And yep it's me TERESA SAyING iT๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜