Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our last gym visit was quite interesting!  We've been going for about 2 months now.  Our usual routine is:

  • we arrive and pick out our treadmill
  • i walk fast, the mexican runs
  • i try and talk to him while he is running
  • he tells me to stop talking to him because he is running
  • i stay on the tread mill and he moves on to weights
Ok, so the other day we were on the tread mills.  I'm walking really fast, sweating, talking to him as usual.  I started making fun of some men that were over in the free weight section.  I was telling my husband, "oh my gosh! they sound like they are giving birth over there!  Really, if they need to make all of those grunting and moaning sounds while lifting weights, dont you think they should lower the amount?"  The Mexican was running so as usual  he did not comment, but i knew he was listening.  I continued on.... "get ready here comes the next contraction!"  All of  a sudden, The Mexican busted out laughing as.......... we heard another moan!

I was so excited that I got a reaction out of him! I started to laugh too and not paying attention to my work out and how fast I needed to walk....... I must have slowed down (not a good thing) as I lost my balance and shot backwards landing on my back end!  I'm sure I looked like I had just been thrown out of a sling shot!  Glad I didn't injure myself (plenty of cushion here, so no worries) or worse, someone else.

This ladies and gentlemen is............. KARMA at its finest!


  1. Ouch. Yeah, you're lucky. Have you seen the Planet Fitness commercial where the gym employee is taking a roided-out muscle-head on a tour of the gym and all the muscle-head guy can say is, "I pick things up and put them down," over and over again? You just made me think of that. *LOL* Glad the hubs laughed like that though. Did he spray spit every where?????
    : D Here's the link in case you're interested:

  2. I have not seen it Ezzy! I will go check it out now. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hahaha! Hilarious! That video was funny! I mean really, i think i made a great point..... Why? It really does sound like they are giving birth over there lifting up those heavy heavy weights....... This fits perfectly! Glad you gave the link, because it fits into this post GREAT!!! Thanks Ezzy!

  4. ROFL! I can totally picture this! Your relationship sounds so similar to mine and Carlos's sometimes. I would have been making fun of the grunting men for sure - (and I've fallen on my ass off a treadmill before too.)


  5. Thanks for commenting Tracy!! It's hard to make my husband laugh sometimes, see what I get for making fun of others?? LOL