Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teresa Update before the Finale

Are you ready for the finale?  I can't wait.  Here is a quick update of where we are one week before the finale.


Teresa esta LOCA!  Her world is starting to crumble.  She and Arturo are getting divorced.  Luisa hates her (for betraying her brother, destroying their friendship, and breaking up her soon to be marriage), Aurora can't stand her (for being so two faced, backstabbing, and a liar), Mariano wants nothing to do with her AT ALL! FINALLY!  He thinks Teresa is ridiculous at this point.  Teresa has all her chips on one bet.  Fernando!  She convinced Fernando to leave Luisa and call off their wedding.  She talked him into putting Arturo's and Luisa's house in her name.  Her father walked in on Teresa and Fernando kissing.  Her father was in such dismay that he fell over with a heart attack and passed away.

Mauriano is in love with Aurora and has asked her to marry him.  YAY!

Arturo is heartbroken and furious with Teresa.  He is over it though.  He sees Teresa is a liar and manipulator.  He gave her several chances but has seen her true colors.  He moved in with Luisa's friend (can't remember her name).  Teresa is pretty upset about this.  Teresa now realizes that she did love Arturo and has lost him just like she lost Mauriano. For good!

Fernando has fallen for Teresa como un loco!  Although his mom keeps trying to make him see the light, he doesn't want to hear it.  He felt somewhat bad breaking it off with Luisa.  I guess the thought of getting Teresa in bed is just too tempting to pass up.  MEN!  Anyways, his mother has threatened to not leave him any of her fortuna if he marries Teresa.  Do you think he cares? NOPE! Teresa does though....

 Ruben is out of jail.   He and  Paulo's mother (Jinovena or something like that, I can't remember exactly how you say her name)  just murdered Fito (Teresa's neighbor that helped Paulo become addicted to drugs, and stole Esperanza's baby).  They went to go dispose of the body.  Teresa was following Ruben to dig up some more dirt.  Teresa has witnessed them tossing Fito's body into a river or lake....  Fito's body was found and the police are now investigating.

This was just a quick update.  As you all know there are so many story lines in Teresa that I could never cover them all.  Not to mention it is almost one in the morning and I'm on my 2nd glass of white zinfandel.

Just one thing I wanted to mention then I'll wrap it up.  Has anyone else noticed how gorgeous Teresa's makeup is?  I love her eyeshadow the past 2 episodes.
The other day my phone was low on memory.  I started to clean out some pictures and videos to free up space and guess what I found!  A video of Teresa and her gorgeous eye shadow.  (My son loves to record things with my phone.  Apparently he recorded part of Teresa when it was on the television one night.  I must have been in my own world at the time.... I tend to go there when watching my novela.) 
Take a look at her eyeshadow.  I love this look on her ....

Tune in for the finale October 3rd! Did you miss the finale?  Read about it here. Teresa Finale


  1. I admire you being able to watch novelas. The story lines always look so intriguing but I can't keep up with the dialogue. Too bad for me that they don't dub it or put english captions.

  2. Great update! My mami says Teresa is going to end up, "Chiflando sola en un lomo." *LOL* That, or she'll come down with a terminal illness, or become disfigured. Her poor papi. Watch her mom follow suit, too.

    Teresa's eyeshadow is similar to the news anchors on Univision. That's some serious smokey-eye. Check out this Youtube. Esta chica da una buena clase ...

  3. I love the smokey eye but, everytime I try to do it myself, it comes out clown like! LOL and I have read and watched the how to's!

    I have never been able to really get into a Spanish Novela. Well, except for Donde Esta Elisa! I absolutely loved that novela! It sounds like Teresa is interesting. There is a novela here called Alguien Te Mira and it is scary and the times I have seen it, it was pretty good. It will be in the US probably next year.

  4. Jennifer,
    You should watch them. I have learned SO MUCH from watching novelas! The very 1st novela I ever watched I turned on closed captioning and believe it or not, although the words were in Spanish it helped me to read and hear the words being spoken.
    You may not understand the first couple of episodes completely but after that... it's smooth sailing!
    You have a great knowlege of the language. I've read your Spanish Friday posts! Give it a try amiga! I know you can do it! I'm still learning from watching novelas.

    Your mom is right I think! I can't wait for the finale to see how it will end. Yes her poor papi and I feel so bad for her mom. She got all stressed out the other day and got sick when she found out Teresa and Arturo were divorcing and her and Fernando were seeing eachother. (you probably already knew that)
    I checked out the tutorial and loved it! I had actually found a tutorial where the girl does "teresa eyes" and they looked awesome but the tutorial was in Spanish. I loved the one you sent because it was in English so I know I understood everything correctly. She did give a great class and I ended up watching several other of her tutorials and she is majorly talented! Thanks for passing her along!

    I love the smokey eye look! I've done it before where I turn out looking more like a clown as well! LOL When it turns out good though....I have no where to go. I can't show up to work looking like I'm ready to go party with my sexy eyes! haha!
    I will look for Alguien Te Mira.... it sounds scary just from the title!

  5. I had to come back! Did you see her eyes tonight?! I'm convinced they use an airbrush to do her make-up. It's flawless.

  6. I know Ezzy! I've never seen makeup so flawless, I never thought about it being airbrushed.... you may have figured it out! I so wish I could do my eyes that way!!!!!!!! I watched a whole bunch of tutorials as well as the one you sent me and they all use black eyeshadow of which I have none! When I feel up to experimenting, we'll see if I can master "Teresa eyes!" LOL

  7. Teresa eyes! I love it. : D You'll have to v-log it, amiga. Every time I've tried to go "sultry" with the shadow for a wedding, or something I end up looking like I got punched in the eyes.

  8. I love Fernando's Mami! "Primero muerta." okay, girl ... It's the showdown!!!

  9. oh yes! Teresa found someone who is not falling for her crap w/Fernando's mami! WOw! Teresa is soooo COLD HEARTED. After everything she has done, I'm dying to see the finale!