Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teresa .... The Finale

Sorry this post esta demasiado tarde (so late)!  I've been super duper busy and that is a post for a different day....
OK!  I'd love to hear everyone's opinions on the Teresa Finale (although by this point it's probably the last thing on your minds)

I personally was a little disappointed.  Not that I wanted anything horrible to happen to Teresa,  but I thought for sure it would have ended in a more creative way.

Do not read any further if you have not seen the Teresa Finale or do not want me to ruin the surprise for you.

Teresa has thrown Fernando to the curb now that she has todo su fortuna (his fortune).  We find out Luisa is pregnant with Fernando's baby.  Esperanza has her baby back.  Aurora and Mauriano are married and happy.  Ruben and the blond headed lady (Paulo's mother, who I can never remember her name.... Genovena or something like that) are arrested for Fito's death.

Everyone has abandoned Teresa!  They have caught on to her true manipulative ways.  Everyone sees her for "who" she is!  Even her mama y madrina have shut her out at this point.  Teresa begs Arturo for his forgiveness.  He throws her out of the house and she is in disbelief, but has woken up to reality. Even the maid leaves Teresa!  WOW! 

So, Teresa is all depressed and in shock that NO ONE loves her.  She is crying in the bedroom holding on to the osito or should I say osote (the little bear was Mauriano's, and she was holding on to the gigantic oso that Arturo gave her) crying.........  Regretting everything!  The doors to the balcony in the bedroom are open, the wind is blowing, she looks over and sees Arturo!  Then realizes it was all in her head (or so we all thought).... 
Then Arturo appears, they hug, kiss, and all is happy again!
Are you serious!  After all the hell she caused and she gets off with a happy ending!
Needless to say I was dissappointed.  If you missed it, here is a clip.  But before you watch it....
I found some Teresa Finale Alternatives online.  Check those out too!  Which do you like better?  The original, the 2nd, or 3rd?

#1 TeresaThe Finale they went with

  #2 (Teresa Alternativo)

#3 (Teresa Alternativo)


  1. Hey!!! Long time no see! ;) I still have not seen Teresa but, I am not a novela type. The only one I got into was Donde Esta Elisa, did you see that one about 2 years ago?

  2. Tara!!! Hola, amiga. : ) The ending to Teresa was soooooo LAME. I really expected her to suffer more. Although I have to admit that ending #3 was too violent an ending for her. If I had to choose, I think #2 is more consistent with her character. That she would just continue exploiting people, you know? *LOL* I was killing myself laughing when her maid packed her bags and left. We have to find another good novella to watch! Happy to "see" you. xoxo

  3. Stephanie,
    I haven't seen that novela. I get the chance to watch about one novela a year. haha. My hubby doesn't like it when I do, because i become obsessed!

    I totally agree! I was way disappointed! I like #2 as well. As much as I hated Teresa, you couldn't help but to love her as well and I'd never want to see her murdered!

  4. je comprends pas g vue sur un site ke la finale de teresa, fernando remontait dans la chambre ou elle etait entrain de pleurer et la tuer d une balle et son dernier cri a été le nom d arturo et en plus ils ont bien mis fin en bas de l ecran, donc la je suis perplexe sur cette new fin

    1. Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français mais je suis en utilisant Google Translate. Ce poste a la fin définitive de Teresa ainsi que les trois fins alternatives qu'ils n'ont pas eu recours. J'espère que cela peut éclaircir quelque peu la confusion. Je vous remercie pour commenter.

  5. the director of teresa is rather fake. anyways thanks fo the updates i wont have to watch the so annoying happy ending of teresa.

  6. i promise am stopping 2 watch teresa 2day, i cant stand the so annoying happy ending for Teresa