Friday, April 22, 2011

Spanish Friday y Las fotos en mi cell

English translation below:

Hoy es el Spanish Friday y estaba pensando en lo que voy a escribir.  Pense y pense y  todavia no tengo una idea.
Me acorde del blog de La Cabrona,   
A veces ella escribe sobre las imagenes en su celular.
Que gran idea!  Gracias La Cabrona!  Espero que no te importa que estoy usando su idea......

En este foto mi esposo y mi hijo estan trabajando en el jardin.  Este ano ellos plantaron los  tomates, los pimientos verde y rojo, los jalepenos, las calabazas amarillas, las fresas, y la sandia!

Esta foto es de nuestro gato que le encanta beber agua del bano.

Dejame explicar porque tome una foto de la puerta.  Porque si miras arriba de la puerta, El Mexicano puso una herradura (zapato de se como se dice en espanol y mi esposo no esta para preguntarlo)  Todavia no se que significa.  No se si es por la buena suerte o si es la decoracion para el hogar,  estilo de mi esposo.....

Today is "Spanish Friday" and I was thinking about what I am going to write.  I thought and thought and still I have no idea.
I rememberd La Cabrona's Blog,  Sometimes, she writes about the pictures in her cell phone.
What a great idea!  Thanks La Cabrona!  I hope you do not mind that I borrowed your idea....

  • 1st pic- This picture is of my husband and son working in the garden. This year they planted tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, jalepenos,  squash, strawberries and watermelon.
  • 2nd pic- This picture is of our cat who loves to drink water from the bathroom sink.
  • 3rd pic- Let me explain why I took a picture of our door.  If you look on top of the door you will see where The Mexican put a horse shoe!  I'm still not sure why he put it there.  I'm not sure if it is for good luck or just my husband "decorating our home"....


  1. Wow! Tu vas a tener muchas comida durante la cosecha. Tambien palantamos calabaza y jalapeños. Pero la tierra no es bueno y los ponemos en contenedores

  2. About the horseshoe..... I'm not sure if it's true or not but my Granny always said to hang them the other way. She said if you hang them how your hubby has it that all the goodluck falls out. If you put it the right way it's goodluck. I'm not that into old wifestales but she was. Lol

  3. Tyeisha,
    I hope we have a lot at harvest! Es tan rico tener un jardin, no? Containers o la tierra........ it doesn't matter, home grown vegetables are better than anything store bought.
    Thank you for commenting!! Cuidate!

    So glad you told me, because I am going to have to investigate this quickly! I can't have any luck escaping my house! So far since he hung it up we haven't had any bad luck, so it is working.... but if I can get more.... you better believe we'll be turning it in the other direction!
    Thanks for your input and commenting! =)

  4. Look what I found:
    it explains all about the horseshoe....
    Awwww, now i want to hug my hubby for doing something tan lindo para nuestra family. He is out of town right now, so if you are reading this.... get ready for un abrazo grande!

  5. Haha...Tara this is such a cute idea! Love it! Quiero mucho la foto de tu esposo y tu pequeñito! Que hermosa! You have a beautiful family! :)

  6. Tara, que buena idea! Love the pictures. Aprendi algo. Nunca habia oído la historia supersticiosa sobre las herraduras (I didn't know how to say horseshoe!). Gracias por la lección. : ) And thank you for offering to mail me pan dulce. *smiling huge* I'm going to find online vendors for all these items, if it kills me. I've already started making a list of goods, saladitos, pulpitas ... Will be sure to share what I find. *un abrazo*

  7. Clarines! Bueno yo lo robe de otra soooo its allll good jajajaja... ke chistoso tu gatito... yo casi nunca tengo ideas por espanol viernes... siempre quejo a tracy a darme ideas lol

  8. Chantilly,
    Thanks for the sweet compliment! It made my day!

    I learned about las herraduras tambien! I read ur other comment too..... I'm soooo glad u joined me tonight in watching "esa hembra es mala" =P
    It's getting good! Thanks for commenting! "un abrazo" back atcha!!

    La Cabrona,
    Your comment made me laugh! Glad its all good...jajajaja
    Today was a struggle trying to come up with an idea, glad I thought of you and your posts with pics, or I might not have gotten a post up today.

  9. Bueno. There is my Spanish for you. I could add some more but all the other stuff I know is not really applicable to your post. Definitely think the horse shoe is for good luck, love the cat picture, and awesome that your husband and son are working on the garden together. Take care.

  10. Love the photos! So sweet that your husband and son are gardening together. Cute cat --- as for the horse shoe - I have one on my wall - have had it since I was really young --- but I almost had a heart attack seeing the way yours is hung up. I guess I'm more superstitious than I like to admit. You need to go RIGHT NOW and turn that horse shoe the other way! All your luck is falling out! lol

  11. Tracy,
    Thanks for the sweet comments and no worries, the horseshoe problem has been corrected. Hopefully it still has some luck left in it. LOL