Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teresa update

 Teresa gets better and better each day!  Here is a little update for those of you watching.......

Well, Teresa has caused total HELL for a lot of people.  She has practically ripped Mauriano's heart out of his chest and handed it to him on a silver platter.  She's played and played with his  emotions. 
She's toyed with him long enough and finally decided although Mauriano
is now a doctor, he was not advancing fast enough, nor surrounding himself with the right people.

Thank goodness Mauriano has woken up so to speak!  He is catching on  to how much Teresa lies.

He has opened a clinic in the neighborhood and works at the hospital too.  He is always the doctor on call when something horrible happens in the hospital or neighborhood.

Gotta love Mauriano!


Deep down Teresa still loves Mauriano but her love for money and fine things in life is much greater.

She decided to accept Arturo's marriage proposal.  She moved into Arturo's house.  He gave her a HUGE ROCK, is buying her tons of fancy things including some designer wedding dress. Money is no option when it comes to Arturo and he is spoiling Teresa like crazy!

Paloma is Arturo's ex.  She re-appeared after years to ask him for forgiveness after treating Arturo so badly in the past.  Teresa keeps chasing her away but she keeps reappearing.  She also confessed to Arturo that she was pregnant with his child but the baby passed away after delivery.

 Luisa is Arturo's sister.  She was all frumpy and shy until Teresa came around.  Luisa didn't like Teresa in the beginning.  Teresa knew it was in  her best interest to befriend Luisa if she was ever going to have a chance with Arturo.

They are now such good friends (or so Luisa thinks) that they practically call each other sisters.

Luisa has fallen for Arturo's best friend Fernando.

Fernando is a player.  He cares for Luisa and wants to settle down but he still has a wandering eye.  He has sure noticed Teresa!  He is leaving for Spain to take care of some family business.  Oh! and he is loaded! $$$$

Paulo and Aida.  Teresa definitely got her revenge against these two for outing her for being "poor."

1st of all, Teresa talked the local drug dealer in her neighborhood into getting Paulo hooked on drugs.  Mission accomplished!  After, he was all strung out on drugs and Teresa basically ripped him to shreds he overdosed and died.  Mauriano tried to save him but it was too late.

2nd, Teresa sent Aida pictures of her father with his mistress.  Teresa also sent her copies of divorce papers her father was planning on filing.

Aida is pissed!  She has come  up with a plan to get revenge on Teresa.  She has befriended Mauriano and is now working at the clinic.  Aida and Mauriano are getting kind of friendly.  Teresa is not happy about this AT ALL!

Ruben (Aida's father) is a rich scum bag.  He has been having an affair with Esperanza (Teresa's friend, neighbor, and nurse at hospital).  He had her all set up in her own apartment.  Esperanza was really in love with Ruben and wanted to break things off because he kept promising to leave his wife and be with her but never followed thru.  She broke things off, but Teresa talked her back into seeing him (in order to get the picture to send to Aida, and other info)
Now Esperanza is pregnant with Ruben's child.  He does not know yet.
He's been busy begging his wife to not divorce him since the affair was discovered.

And just a couple of more details.......

Teresa has been treating her family like garbage!  She is super mean to her very sweet mother.  Teresa is always scolding her father for not finding a better job when he is a mechanic by trade.  Her friend Aurora has caught on to Teresa's true intentions and discovered some lies she has told.  Aurora has a new boyfriend but I can't remember his name at the moment.  Mauriano is a little jealous now.

Whew!  This is all for now.  Didn't realize how many story lines this novela had.  If I forgot any important details feel free to mention them.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I didn't know Paulo had OD'd. ; ( I was watching bits with my mom last night and found myself really angry with Teresa. Her poor parents seeking an etiquette coach for fear they'd embarrass themselves at the dinner table! WTH. And what's with Teresa throwing herself at Mauriano when she's about to be married to el profesor?! I saw the network cut the series down to 1-hour. I'll definitely be watching it toward the end. Can't wait to see how Teresa gets her "attitude" adjustment. ; )

  2. Ezzy,
    Yes! Thank goodness it is back to just one hour a night. 2 hours was too much, when I have tons to do.

    I can't believe I missed Friday night.
    Teresa is something else! She is beautiful but her personality takes a lot of that away!!
    I want one of those huge flowers she's always wearing in her hair.

    Can't wait to see what happens tonight! If you miss how she gets her "attitude" adjustment, I will fill you in!

  3. Tara, any idea how much longer for Teresa? Don't think I've ever seen the flowers in her hair ... all I see is itty-bitty clothes. I saw a commercial for an NCIS-type series coming soon that looks really interesting. By any chance, did you catch the Latina Belleza contest ending, last night? OMG. I need to go on a dieta.

  4. Ezzy,
    I have no idea how much longer for Teresa. I do know that everytime I get involved in una novela it is around the time we go on vacation and while on vacation I can never pick up the station I need. I end up searching desperately for the episodes online so I do not get behind.

    Teresa is always wearing those big flowers if not in her hair, on her clothes. I'm not brave enough to wear them on my clothes. The last thing I want to do is bring attention to my waist line (like she does)....
    I might give the hair a shot.

    I didn't see the Latina Belleza contest and glad I didn't because we were having a fish fry.... hahaha! Last thing I needed to see wouldve been those little latina beauties prancing around with their perfect figures!
    Oh I need to go on a diet too amiga! Me imagino 100% mas que tu. Tengo miedo de comprar un bathing suit negro (my usual color) for fear of being mistaken as a seal and attacked by a shark. Yes, I think of those things....
    Oh well, guess I'm going to enjoy mi vacation en Junio y empezar mi dieta despues. Thank goodness el Mexicano le gusta mis curvas.

  5. Y hasta ves novelas!!!! En verdad que tu blog está bueno, eh?

    Saludos y buena vibra!

  6. Muchas gracias Nash por tu comentario!