Friday, May 20, 2011

Spanish Friday

English translation below.

Necesito mas tiempo.  Necesito una rutina mejor.  Me siento como no tengo tiempo para nada.  Yo se que la novela me quita una hora. Yo se que tambien el facebook y el blog me quitan tiempo, pero no puedo dejarlos.  Que puedo hacer para salvar mas tiempo? 

Dame consejos!    La unica ideas que tengo son:
  1. cocinar las cenas en el crockpot
  2. encontrar un trabajo mas cerca a mi casa
  3. empezar a jugar la loteria (cuando gane  renunciar de mi trabajo)

Llame a la compania de roofing. Una senora contesto.   Yo pregunte si podria hablar con el dueno.  Me dijo que no estaba y si hay algo en me puede ayudar. Le dije que a mi no me importa de donde era mi "roofer" y que para mi la cartelera fue muy ofensiva y racista!  La senora mi dijo, "mam, estuvimos hablando de los cazadores de tormentas que llegan a Georgia con solomente una troka y una escalera"  Le dije, bueno si eso es la verdad, disculpame, pero espero que entienden porque pensaba asi y la cartelera puede ofender a mucha gente"  No les crei!    Tengo planes todavia de comunicarme con la compania de la cartelera.

El Jueves estaba caminando y no se como,  pero me lastime mi tobillo.  Se ve como una pelota de beisbol.  Me dolia pero ahora esta mejor.

Manana tengo planes de embellecerme! 

Que tengan un feliz fin de semana!

I need more time.  I need a better routine.  I feel like I do not have time for anything!  I know that the novela takes an hour away at night. I know facebook and my little blog take time away too, but I can't stop watching, facebooking, or blogging!  What can I do to save time?  Give me advice please...  The only ideas I have are:

  1. cook dinner in the crockpot everyday
  2. find a job closer to home
  3. start playing the lottery (then resign from work once I win)

I called the roofing company.  A lady answered and I asked to speak with the owner.  She said he wasn't there and if there was something she could help me with.  I told her I didn't care where my roofer was from and I found the billboard very offensive and racist.  She told me that they were talking about "storm chasers" who show up in Georgia with only a truck and a ladder then rob people of their money.  So, I told her if that is true, forgive me, but I hope you understand how I could think otherwise and the billboard could offend many!  I don't believe them!  I still have plans to communicate with the billboard company.

Thursday I was walking and I'm not sure how, but I hurt my ankle. 
It is the size of a baseball.  It hurt but is feeling better now.

Tomorrow I have plans to beautify myself....

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Ay amiga! Yo tengo la mismisima queja...No tengo tiempo para hacer todo lo que quiero hacer! Since this whole "Spring Forward" thing, I feel like I have even less time than I had before. It's horrible. This month, my blog is taking a toll, because I'm too busy with other things. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon. :P

    Hope your ankle feels better, amiga. And be sure to post pics of your beautification! :)

    Have an awesome weekend, my dear. :)

  2. Not having enough time seems to be ailing all of us. Pero qué podemos hacer? Somos mamas, esposas y trabajadoras. El blog y FB son mi distración. BTW, I caught the end of Teresa, tonight ... she's so EVIL. You know something's gotta happen to her to change her into a good person. But what? Have yourself a good weekend and take care of that ankle. Un abrazo, amigo. : D

  3. Sure your followers understood the dialog for Spanish Friday, but we backed-up a bit and still can't be sure what happened. There is, however a perennial advertising campaign warning uninformed homeowners about gypsy "traveler" contractors whose MO is to promise home improvement/repair, collect materials fees and disappear. Unfortunately this notorious scam is widely documented with attribution to a specific ethnicity. It is regrettable that you've experienced unfair stereotyping.

  4. Leslie,
    Thanks for commenting amiga. Unfortunately I was outside a lot this weekend and look like a lobster (with a real nice cut and highlights) haha, my beautification pics will have to wait....

    Thanks for commenting amiga. Do you know that I actually missed Friday night (Teresa)!!! Im could kick myself in the bootay! That's the 1st episode since it started that I have missed... =(

    Thanks for commenting. Glad you stopped by and hope you will visit again soon. I'm aware of traveler contractors and storm chasers. I came across a billboard, that to me, has an underlying tone of racism. I wish the bill board referred to "storm chasers" and I wouldn't feel so jaded. But, all is good. I said something which makes me have more peace of mind.
    Take care!

  5. Good plans for making the most of your day. I've also been trying to find ways to save time which included making a schedule of how long I can be online, etc. I don't follow it every day but I'm trying.

    I hope the roofing company is telling the truth. Hmmm... who knows.

    Get well soon. Your ankle better yet?

  6. Woops! And here I went and spoiled it for you...o_O So sorry.

  7. Thanks for commenting Tracy. Today I re-injured my ankle! The pain was UNREAL..... all is good now though.
    Today the bill board company called me after I called them and left a message. It is very hard for me to answer my cell at work. Hopefully they will call me between 1 & 2 (lunch hour) or I'll call them back Friday. Curious to see what they have to say.
    Hope you and your familia are good!

    no worries, you didn't spoil it.... I'm glad you told me the parents started etiquette classes, one less thing to catch up on! =)