Friday, April 29, 2011

Spanish Friday Mi semana

English translation below:

Estoy super feliz que hoy es el Viernes!!!!!  No puedo explicar que feliz estoy aunque voy a tratar.......

El Mexicano fue a Miami por 3 semanas con su trabajo!  

Esto no es justo!  Yo quiero estar en Miami!

Yo se que esta trabajando y no esta en la playa pero, a quien le importa!

El esta en Miami, y YO NO!

Estoy muy agradecida que tengo trabajo pero esta semana fue ocupadisima!  Los pies y la espalda me estan doliendo!  No quiero tomar una radiografia mas, limpiar un cuarto mas, tomar otra impresion o poner mas informacion en la computadora.....

Mis pies y mi espalda necesitan un masaje!  Pero no creo que lo voy a recibir porque mi esposo esta en Miami!          


 Y.... creo que tengo insomnio!!!  Dormi tal vez 6 horas esta semana. 

PERO...........  hoy es el Viernes y ya llego el fin de semana!!!

Creo que voy a relejarme en la banera con una copa de vino (bueno quizas, 3 copas de vino)! 

Olvidar de los tensiones de la vida diaria  y disfrutar tiempo con mi hijo. 

Las cosas después de todo podria ser mucho peor.

Espero que todos tienen un muy feliz fin de semana!


I am so happy it is Friday!  I can't begin to explain how happy I am, although I'm going to try.

The Mexican went to Miami for 3 weeks.  That's not fair!  I want to be in Miami!  I know he is working and not at the beach, but WHO CARES!  He is in Miami and I'm not!

I am very thankful for my job but this week was super busy!  My feet and back are hurting!  I do not want to take one more xray,  clean one more room, take one more impression, or put any more information in the computer.

My feet and back need a massage, but I don't think i'm getting one because my hubby is in Miami.

And...... I think I have insomnia.  I've slept maybe 6 hours this week. is FRIDAY and the weekend is about to be here.

I think I'm going to relax in the tub with a glass of wine (well maybe 2 or three glasses), forget about life's daily stresses and enjoy time with my son.

After all things could be worse....

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. como dijo a mis companeros del trabajo... sera ke tienes piojos or piojos del pendejo... u know you could have crabs or lice... lol then things would be worth complaining about lol. i got called into Hr for that email though!

  2. I feel the same way. Happy weekend!

  3. Cabrona-
    That cracked me up! Too bad you got called into HR for that email.....
    To top things off, I thought some crazed woman was going to jump on me at the store a little earlier. I'm home now! Safe and have my wine! Thank goodness!!! The weekend can not get here fast enough!

    C- Glad i'm not alone! La Cabrona kind of put it in perspective with her crabs and lice comment... LOL
    I think I just felt like venting.
    Thanks for listening guys! and thanks for commenting!

  4. Espero que disfrutastes tus copitas de vino ... blanco o rojo? Que lastima que no pudiste ir a Miami con tu esposo. Tal vez te traira algun regalito? I've had weeks like that. Whenever my husband travels, no puedo dormir tan poco! Hasta duermo con las luces prendidas! Si, soy bien, bien miedosa. Hope you have a less stressful week ahead. Relax and enjoy your time with your son. Rent movies! p.s. antes que se me olvide ... te deje un premio en mi blog : D

  5. Ezzy,
    I did enjoy them! I think my 3 copas turned into 6 and well needless to say, I slept GOOD last night. LOL

    Yeh, still not sure why I couldn't sleep. I should have enjoyed the extra room in the bed. I guess i was missing him...

    Muchas gracias amiga por el premio! I am very honored that you mentioned and thought of little 'ol me! It is a great honor coming from you!!

  6. I'm so glad to see that you and your family are ok. I know that the tornados that hit here in Alabama was coming to Georgia. My family and home are ok. But sadly there are so many people that lost everything ....even their lifes.

  7. Thanks Tonya. We are fine. The tornadoes were so devestating and now looking back on this post and reading your comment (not sure how I missed it) I have very little to complain about! Kind of feeling selfish for posting something so whiney!