Sunday, July 24, 2011

Open for Suggestions

Today I got a strange request from "El Mexicano."  He asked me to send him pictures of his "Mexican artifacts."  (They are not really artifacts, more like souvenirs)

On one of our trips to Mexico, we bought souvenirs to take back home. I bought un jarrito, some cute "mexican" styled dishes,  a "mexican" wind chime, along with some other things.

My husband picked out some things as well.
(3 bronze looking plates, and a little aztec looking statue!)

Once back in Georgia, I hung up my wind chime and put my jarrito along with my dishes on display in the kitchen.  My husband took his things out of the suitcase and wanted "to think" about where his artifacts would look best.

Let me say this, my house is not really decorated with a certain "style."  I just like things to be uncluttered and uniform.  That's all I ask. (I wish I was more Martha Stewart-y!)

Months go by. One day I walk in from work and my husband had decided to do a little redecorating!
OH NO!  No! No!  Why did he put those plates there?

The bronze plates were hung on the wall next to our television.  Two plates on one side and one on the other.  (Me freaking!  OMG they are NOT even!)  The little statue was on the fireplace mantel.

I appreciated his effort.  But nope this is not going to work!  I took them down.

I think I hurt his feeling a tad.  So he tried again.  This time he put them up in the dining room.
Umm, nope!  This isn't going to work either.  I took them down.

This scenario became all too common.  He'd put them up, then I'd take them down.

He accused me of  not letting him display things he liked.  This is true.  I think I have control issues.

In all honesty, mi mexicanito has somewhat of an eye when it comes to decorating.  He picks the paint colors, I am off limits!  He does such a better job! He created a dinosaur masterpiece in our son's room.

Any suggestions on where to put these items?  Any ideas?  I'm open.... (somewhat...)  seriously, I would love to get some ideas.


  1. I am pretty good at decorating even with objects I don't really like. But not knowing your home, I haven't a clue. Any room you prefer?

  2. I know Greenga, it's kind of crazy asking for suggestions, when no one knows what my home looks like. I'm totally stumped actually. Not sure of a room. I know life is too short to be worried about where my hubby puts the items. This is kind of a ridiculous and selfish post. I'm thinking I could probably find room for them in our office.

  3. I like the statue, and the plates would work with my decor, not sure about yours. Do you have a room with a dominant blue theme that the plates could compliment? As for the statue, while it is a little wild, the colors are muted. Any rooms with neutrals/earth tones?

  4. Yes, actually our office is blue (kind of a greyish blue) I've been sitting in this office looking around and I think they would go good in here. Maybe the statue as well. I will have to post a pic when it is all said and done. Thanks for you suggestions! I'm really considering this blue room! Colors are not my expertise by any means. LOL

  5. These are really pretty, Tara. Do your kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling or is there room above them to place the little statue? Or how about a bathroom counter next to a green plant. A narrow wall or column would work for the plates. I know what you mean about being a control freak. I'm the same way at home. I pick and place everything inside. The outside is hub's domain. Let us know where you end up putting them!

  6. Ezzy,
    That is a wonderful idea about putting the statue next to a green plant!
    The outside here is my hubby's domain also... I hate having to remind him of it....jajaja
    I've gotten a lot of great suggestions and as soon as they have a permanent home in our house, I'll take a picture. =)

  7. Mexico produces some fine silverware, carved wood and even pottery.

    I vote you put your two-bit miniscule tchotskies in a shoe box and bury them in the back yard.

  8. No shit Sherlock!
    I brought home some of the pottery and silver.
    No need to be anonymous here. I post negative comments as well.

    What an original suggestion "Anonymous." Don't think your creative suggestion never crossed my mind.