Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taco Bell and Changing the World

The Mexican is out of town, therefore I have little to blog about.
Hopefully a random entertaining post regarding "La Gringa" will suffice...
Let's see,

The lady who works the drive thru at Taco Bell cracked me up last night.  I got off of work late, had to run an errand, then pick up our son.  After all of this I was pushed for time.   Our son was hungry and I was tired.  I decided to pick up something at Taco Bell. (bad momma!)

I was sitting in the drive thru listening to the gentleman in front of me order. One of his items was a "caramel apple empanada."  The drive thru lady starts repeating the order back and finishes it off with "and an apple pie!"  The man says, 'Ummm no, I want an apple empanada." the lady responded, "yeh, I said an apple pie!"  The man says, "is that an empanada?"  The lady says,"yeh, it's an apple pie!"  The man just pulls forward.

My turn!  Why of course I ordered a "caramel apple empanda" too!  Haha.
I couldn't  pass up the entertainment.
She repeats my order back and finishes with "and an apple pie."  I say, "oh I didn't know you have apple pies now.  I do not want an apple pie, I want the "caramel apple empanada."  The lady says, "yeh that's what I mean, it's the apple pie, it's the same thing.:"  I pull forward laughing a little.

Shame on me!  Karma will get me for that.
Maybe she couldn't pronounce "empanada", not sure.  I remember trying to give The Mexican's sister a Western Union money transfer code once over the phone. She couldn't understand me when I said "tres."  She thought I was saying "seis" and it was some major confusion.  (I'm sure it was my accent)

Guess we will see what Karma has in store for me now....

Ok, onto other things.  Most of you know I'm all about fighting for causes.  A dear friend introduced me to Sevenly.  Basically, each week Sevenly sponsors a different cause.  A t-shirt is created for that cause and is available for "seven" days.  $7 from each t-shirt that is sold goes towards that cause.  It is an awesome group doing awesome things.  Check them out!

About a month ago, I ordered a shirt.  My $7 donation went to Love 146 to provide food, medical care, and Love 146's safe house in the Phillipines, for victims of child sex slavery.  (deep subject, so will not elaborate further)

I received my shirt and immediately felt good about my purchase.  It arrived in this cute package!

Here is a picture of the shirt. (I know, it's kind of wrinkled....I do not iron.) It also came with a cute sticker ("World Change Is How I Roll".... que cute!) and a cause card (explaining what your $7 went towards).

I can't wait to wear my shirt.  I just wanted to mention one thing.  The shirts are "pre-shrunk" and "very fitted!"  Next time I order I will probably order from the men's size chart.  I like my t-shirts a little loose and comfy!  If you are fuller figured or curvy, make sure you order a larger size than you would normally wear!

I guess I should lay off of the caramel apple empanadas!!!
I think I'll just e-mail Sevenly and explain to them that skinny chics aren't the only ones trying to save the world!


  1. They might need those empanadas for the Sevenly group if they think everyone wears a size 0 LOL -

    err... I mean Apple pie.

  2. Haha...that is so cool! Both your charity effort and your taco bell agitation. Those stickers and stuff from Sevenly are super cute! ;)

  3. You go gurl! Double win for you.
    As M.I.A. would say - "nice, nice Fighter!"

  4. C-
    Thanks for commenting. Maybe I should send their t-shirt models some empanadas! =)

    Thanks for commenting! I loved the stuff from Sevenly too! Super cute indeed!

    Thanks for commenting and your sweet words!!! They made my day!

  5. Hi Tara,
    I miss messing with the ftive thru people now, they fon't understand my Spanish, Karma indeed!!!

    Great cause to support, I will have to check them out!!

  6. OOps, I meant Drive thru, i am on my computer in the dark! LOl

  7. Too funny, Tara. The empanadas will come back to haunt you! I wonder what was up with the TB worker. Maybe she has something against the word "empanada." Love the t-shirt, amiga. The cause. All of it. Un abrazo. Thanks for making me smile. p.s. I'm a Taco Bell freak. I know it's polyester Mexican, but soooo good/and bad. xoxo

  8. Stephanie,
    Thanks for commenting amiga!!!

    Funny! "polyester Mexican".... so true! It'll do for a quick fix...
    Thanks for commenting!