Friday, November 18, 2011

Spanish Friday

English translation below

Tengo ganas de vomitar!  Por que?  Porque mi casa huele a

JAIPUR !!!!!
(la nueva fragrancia de mi esposo)

Esta usando "Jaipur" todos los dias y yo no soy un fan.

Al principio, no he dicho mucho. Pense que iba peder interes como en el pasado.

Entonces, fingi tener una reaccion alergica.  Estornudos, tos, y le mostro mis ojos llorosos.
 (los efectos de reciente cortar una cebolla.... Shhhh! )

Despues, escondi el perfume.

El otro dia cuando llegaba a casa.  Mi esposo estaba buscando su perfume.  

El -  "yo se que lo pusistes aqui"
Yo - "verdad?  bueno yo no se donde esta"
El - "no hueles algo?"
Yo - "no"  (*pensando* Hurra!  Victoria!  Finalmente, el va a  tirarlo en la basura!)  
Yo -  Oh!  Mira!  Aqui esta! "

Y el empezo a utilizarla como aromatizante del aire!

No! No! NO!
estaba jadeando por aire!

Yo -  "Te lo ruego, por favor no usas ese perfume!  Huele horrible!  No puedo respirar!

El me miro como estaba loca!

Yo- "De verdad!  Huele horrible!!!!!  Porfavor!!!!!"

Creo que dano sus sentimientos.  =(

Esta manana cuando va a salir de trabajar, le di un abrazo y  ahi  lo estaba.... mas JAIPUR!
Ay dios mio!  Que voy hacer?

Ustedes tienen una fragrancia favorita por los maridos?  

Estoy haciendo una lista porque si no sabe por ahora, perfume esta en la lista para la Navidad!

(Te amo amor, y espero que no ofendo a la gente que gustan Jaipur)

English translation
I  feel like vomiting!  Why?  Because my house smells like

(my husband's new cologne)

He is using "Jaipur" every day and I am not a fan.

At first, I didn't say much.  I thought he'd lose interest like in the past..
Then I pretended to have a an allergic reaction., sneezing, coughing and even showed him my watery eyes. (effects from recently chopping an onion... shhhh!).

Then  I hid it.

The other day when I got home, my husband was looking for his cologne.

Him -  "I know I put it here."
Me - " Really?  Well, I don't know where it is." 

Him - " You don't smell something?"
Me - "no." (*thinking* Hurray!  Victory!  Finally, he is going to throw it in the trash!)  

          Oh, Look!  Here it is."

And he started spraying it like air freshner!

No! No! NO!

I was gasping for air!

Me- "I'm begging you, please do not use that cologne!  It smells horrible! I can't breathe!"
He looked at me like I was crazy.
Me- "For real! It smells horrible! Please!"

I think I hurt his feelings.  =(

This morning as he was leaving for work, I gave him a hug and there it was, more Jaipur!
OMG!  What am I going to do?

Do you have a favorite cologne for your husband?  

I'm making a list, because if you don't know by now..... Cologne is on the Christmas list.

(Love u hunny!  Oh, and I hope I didn't offend any Jaipur lovers out there)


  1. Most colognes and perfumes make me sick, so I completely understand!

    My favorite is Drakkar Noir - it's intoxicating - but Carlos can't use it because it reminds me of high school. LOL. I buy Aspen for him which is almost as good.

  2. jajaja...¡qué dilema! My husband doesn't wear any cologne. I have always imagined that if I could get him to use it, it would be one I loved. Reality is always so much more complicated! Thanks for a fun post!

  3. Ay, amiga! I feel for you, I really do! Why not surprise him with a new cologne? When he wears it, tell him you find him absolutely irresistible and then hide the offensive cologne. :)

  4. LOL, mi ex no usaba colonia mucho pero yo le decía que se pusiera porque me gustan los hombres que huelen bueno.

    A mi encanta Drakkar Noir también! Otra que me ENCANTA es CK be de Calvin Klein, es unisex.

    Aquí está mi Spanish Friday.

  5. Maybe the cologne could accidentally fall off the counter and the bottle could break.

  6. *LOL* you faked an allergic reaction! I've never smelled that fragrance. Will take your word for it. Check-out Maxim's Orphee. Bought it for my husband at TJMAXX for Christmas last year. It's sweet-smelling, in a masculine way, without setting your nose hairs aflame. I'm posting a picture of the bottle to your wall. : ) ... I'm doing a double-post for Esperanza this week. Sorry I wasn't able to keep to the reading schedule. Un abrazo, amiga. ... jijiji you crack me up.

  7. Thanks guys for the comments. I will investigate all the above suggestions.
    Jennifer, I might possibly go for the idea of the bottle accidentally breaking, but the thought of Jaipur lingering in my house for months would kill me! I have thought about going outside while wearing a mask (i would bring home from work) and spray some sprays outside to make the bottle empty quicker. It is a huge bottle though.
    Hopefully I can get him hooked on a new fragrance ASAP!
    Ezzy, no te preocupes. Lo mas importante is that it held my interest and I actually read a book in Spanish! I love your recaps though,so I'll be checking them out as you post them.
    Hugs to all you ladies!!!