Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Mexican Dress Mission!

Hubby recently went to Mexico.  During one of our phone conversations while he was there, he told me his sister was sending me a dress.  "What kind of dress?", I asked.  
Husband:  "I don't know, it's a Mexican dress."
Me:  "Will it fit?"
Husband:  "I think so, it stretches.  It's big."
Me: "Okay, good!"

It's no secret that I am gordita.  So the above conversation was by no means offensive to me.  I was actually breathing a sigh of relief when he told me, "It stretches!"

Anyways, here is the dress........ (which I absolutely love...)

Did it fit?
I could barely squeeze into it.  Needless to say I was beyond disappointed.

I've tried all these crazy diets en el pasado.  I think I've always been searching for a quick fix!  But recently I've been feeling depressed, tired, moody.  I'm out of breath easier, I can't sleep good at night.  In all honesty, being "gordita" has never bothered me that much.  You can find all kinds of stylish plus size clothes! 
The side effects of being gordita is a different story.  I don't like the way I've been feeling.

So, around 3 weeks ago I decided to make a change.  For me!  

I decided to lose some weight.  My goal is 50 lbs.  

It is taking up a lot of my time.  I'm trying to stay within a certain calorie range, eat cleaner and healthier.  Oh and exercise!  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to exercise!

Luckily, some of my friends on Facebook and Instagram and even a certain blogger have given me lots of inspiration.  Preparedness is the key...exercise is a must!

I'm on my 3rd week now and have lost a total of 10 lbs!  It may not sound like a lot to some but for me it is major.  I know that the weight will come off a little slower due to my age and under active thyroid, but I've got to do this.

I took this pic when I was down 6 lbs.  Happy to say I'm now down 10!  Time to add four more marbles to the jar.

I had to have a serious talk with "The Mexican" before I started.   I had to prepare him for my journey.  I told him to not ask me to make him some awesomely delicious meal while I'm trying to do this.  For once, he will have to heat up his own tortillas or fix his own rice because "carbs" are NOT my friend and I do not want to be tempted.

My husband has been extremely supportive!  I make my food and he is welcome to eat what I eat.  If he wants something different he makes it himself.  On the weekends we go to our local park and walk four miles.  

This is part of the trail we walk on the weekends.

During the week, I do this...........................

Glad I hung on to this DVD, I've had it for about 4 years but never opened it until 3 weeks ago.

Finally!  I have made Jillian my bitch!  Ok, that sounded harsh..... but for someone who hasn't exercised in a couple of years, this work out is hard as hell!  When I first started it I could only get through fifteen minutes of it.  Thank goodness I did not give up!  I can do the whole work out now!  It's still kickin' my bootay!  I can now do all the burpees.  I remember when I started I thought I was going to pass out after doing 3.  Who in the heck came up with the name burpee?  I always think of people burping....  Ok, I'm straying from the topic.

I've taken a "before" picture of me sqwooshed into the Mexican dress.....  I'll post it once I reach my goal weight and an "after" picture to go along with it.

Send me positive vibes porfa!  The Mexican dress mission has begun.....  


  1. Good luck girl! Hope you accomplish your goal, but when you do don't stop there, keep eating healthy and exercising like you said for you, but also for your kids to be around for them longer without any health complications that may come later in life from bad eating habits. You know Mexican food is delish especially around the holidays, so treat yourself to the T diet every now and then!

  2. Hey amiga! Good to hear from you. 10 pounds is a fabulous start, Ithink I read somewhere 1-2 lbs a week is a healthy loss (and if you are losing more that isnt necessarily bad as long as you are doing it the right way!)

    Keep us updated so we can cheer you on! I am near the end of my "get back to rebaby weight." Journey and I do feel alot better. We have been roasting vegetables with every meal, they taste sooo yummy that way ! I just pop them in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes or so, drizzle olive oil , black pepper and a touch of salt over them first. Super yummy.

    You can do this! And its a pretty dress, love it. Cant wait to see modeling shots of you in it! Like you said, its about being healthy not just about looking "skinny" . Glad you are in it for the right reasons mamita.

  3. Good luck , I am also beginning my weight loss journey, it's very hard but I'm motivated ... I also have the glass with lb lost and to go ... Such a great idea I saw on Pinterest ... Wish u the best of luck on ur journey

  4. Wow, I guess we are thinking on the same wavelength. I hope you keep updating on your progress. . . I hit a snag on vacation (not with eating, hurt my back) and I'm trying to get myself ready to get back into the swing of things.

  5. Tara, this is wonderful news and I know that you'll be more motivated with each pound that melts off. When you notice that the hip doesn't kill, knees aren't achy, and that you're not gasping for air after climbing four flights of stairs (all happened to me earlier this year), you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Something I've done to keep myself on track is to pick up meat or chicken in the frozen food's section equal to the amount of weight of lost. Holding it and feeling it makes my jaw drop. Sending you tons of positive energy, amiga.

    The glass-marble visual is a great motivator. I may have to borrow that one. The dress is gorgeous, btw. :-)