Saturday, February 12, 2011

1st Trip to Mexico continued (part 2)

*Originally posted February 2011

It was New Years Eve.....  We were going to have a little "fiesta" with Los Padres, the sisteres, the kids, and some friends.  We stopped by the carniceria (meat store) and The Mexican ordered some meat for us to grill that night. We stopped by the dulceria (candy store) to get a pinata and candy.  Came back to Los Padres house, decorated outside with balloons, set up music, chairs, the sisters were marinating the meat in lime juice, chili powder, garlic, and who knows what else... some other sisters were making tortillas, guacamole, and salsa. We even had some sparklers......  THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!!!!

The party was in full swing.... mmmm the aroma of carne asada (grilling out)!  It was past midnight, and I WAS HUNGRY!  I prepared to make my taco..  a tortilla, then a little meat, then some salsa and guacamole, rolled it up, took a bite AND OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST TACO EVER!!!!!!!!!!  I looked at The Mexican and said, "This is the BEST STEAK I'VE EVER EATEN!!!"  The Mexican, laughed and said, "Steak?"  who said you are eating steak?  that is goat!"  I was in a state of shock for a moment.....then proceeded eating because, it really was the best taco ever!  I normally would have been like, "ewwwww!  no, i'm not going to eat goat, so.........I'm glad no one told me before hand it wasn't steak!

Oh, and the pinata was a suprise as well.  You know how when you are in school and your learning about different countries,  you get to Mexico and there is a picture of a little mexican boy hitting a pinata blindfolded  and his friends are surrounding him  in a circle?

Ha!  That's not how it is done at all!  The Mexican was shouting to his brother in law in spanish and then the brother in law gets ON TOP OF THE ROOF of THE HOUSE with the cord the pinata is hanging from!  I was like, ok, something must be wrong and he is going to attatch the cord to the roof or something.  NOPE!  WRONG AGAIN!  Ricardo (the little 4 yr old) went 1st!  The music is blaring, people are drunk, they give the 4 yr old the bat and he starts swinging away!  The pinata is going all over the place!  UP & DOWN & SIDE TO SIDE like crazy...... i look up to the roof and brother in law is standing on the roof, drunk, holding the cord, and making the pinata bounce around like a disney land ride!
By the time, i got up their I thought, ok, i can do this!   I'm the only one here who's not drunk!  Nope!  I think I actually got hit by the pinata like 3 times, then they figured they better take it easy on the gringa.........

We did a lot of fun things.  The Mexican took me horse back riding.  We toured his little town and the nature around us was beautiful!  The mountains and the little creek that ran for miles was so pretty!  His family took me up into the mountains one day and we went to see a waterfall.  It was beautiful!  We went inside a cave too!  We also saw wild donkeys (which i did not know existed).  I've got to find the hard copies of those pictures!

One day we took his aunt to the eye doctor.  She hops in the truck and is thanking us for taking her.  The Mexican gets us to the main city and ask the aunt, "ok, where do i go now?"  The aunt did not know!  She thought and thought, we called Los Padres, they didn't know.  We stopped and asked for directions!  No one knew!  This was irritating to me, cause I was ready to get the show on the road.......  Finally, we found the eye doctor.  How?  I have no clue. Apparently, when people ride the bus to get one pays attention to street signs and landmarks.

Their was a street vendor!  He was selling tacos.  I always remember my mom saying "Don't drink the water in Mexico".....  I thought, is it safe to eat these tacos???....  The Mexican told me, if it wasn't safe, there would not be a line of people here buying them.  He made a good point.  I bought the taco and it was really good! We went into a shop and I ordered an agua fresa (strawberry water).  It was so good!  I think it was just, water, strawberries, and sugar blended together.   Then I noticed another vendor selling something called "ELOTE" (corn).  The Mexican asked if I wanted one.  I wanted to try everything!  He bought it,  I took a bite and yuck!  I asked what is this?  The Mexican told me it was corn with mayonaise and chili powder or something like that.........  I don't remember, but i do remember I was NOT a fan of ELOTE!  **side note** i didn't drink the water, nor did The Mexican, Los Padres, or any family members.  There was a truck that came and delivered this huge container of water that fit in this metal thing and you tipped it over to pour a glass etc.  Although, i did brush my teeth with the water and i'm sure somehow someway i got some of Mexico's water in me.....  I never got sick though.

We visited his cousins near by.  They were so nice!  I remember his cousins were so beautiful!  Long dark hair, olive skin and very pretty.   One of the cousins, taught me to dance and the other took me to a park. I got to ride a bus.  I remember getting on the bus with Rosy and there was a hole in the floor of the bus.  It was a fun bus ride though........ music was going, people were happy,  the bus driver had those little mexican green, red, and white balls hanging from the front (those little mexican decorations you see in trucks sometimes)....

I know there has got to be some pics somewhere...........

aahaaaa!!!!!!  I found these...... Some of our Mexico pics

Will finish the trip up, next post, promise.....

Buenas Noches,
Me and the Mexican


  1. Love the photos - you're an adorable couple. (The photos of las primas was, from a photography standpoint - fantastic. Love that one.) - And the one in front of the bathrooms is funny.

    I've never had goat, but was "tricked" into eating things I thought were beef too. They love to pull that one on gringas. LOL.

    Witnessing the craziness of piñata time is also fun.

    As for the water - My doctor told me not to drink the water or eat anything fresh/unwashed or from vendors when I went to El Salvador. Part of me wishes I had ignored the doctor and thrown some caution to the wind because it made me seem a bit picky at times. (Though, my husband got a sandwich from a vendor and got food poisoning. LOL. I think his body isn't resistant to bacteria the way it used to be.)

  2. Thanks Tracy! Yes, la foto de mis primas es una foto muy bonita!

    Y si, la primera vez que comi menudo, i about fainted.....not really, but i had to fake eat my way through it.... did not want to offend anyone.

    gracias por tus commentarios! ya tengo que ir a leer tu post de clemintino...

  3. I'm glad you made comments on my blog because this is the first time I've seen yours. Hahahaha on the elotes. I wrote a blog about the elotes. First time I tried it, I spit it out. Yuk. But I'm a corn snob from Iowa. And I've written about toilet seats too! Most of your observations are so like mine, except, thankfully, the narco stuff that I've witnessed. I laughed my ass off about the machista. I've run into this too with an ex-boyfriend. Keep on writing!

  4. Crazy,
    So glad you decided to visit my blog! I've got some catching up to do on yours. The post i have read have been great! I can't wait to read more.

    Thanks for your encouraging words. This whole new world of blogging i've discovered is cool. It's just the matter of finding the time to blog sometimes.

    I plan on keeping it up. Hope you will continue to visit often!

  5. Crazy, that should say POSTS cause you had me glued! to the screen!

  6. FUNNY! You are cracking me up!

  7. Valerie,
    Thanks! I've practically run out of material lately and feel I'm not as funny as I use to be. My husband is traveling a lot and I recently told him to hurry home b/c I need more "material!" hahaha