Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1st trip to Mexico part 3....

*Originally posted February 2011

OK, This should wrap things up....

Although Los Padres had indoor plumbing they did not have hot water!  We bathed with water my suegra (mother in law) heated over a fire mixed together with cold water. (Ended up with pretty warm water, they had this down to a science)  There was no bathtub, so this water was in a HUGE tub and we took a cup and basically poured the water over us while standing in the shower.

Oh and how could I forget this! The toilet had NO TOP seat!  WTH????  For a man this may not be a big deal, but for us women, or at least for me it was!  I am accustomed to the top seat.  I hate when I get a late night surprise after The Mexican or my son has left the top seat up and I sit down with out looking and am suprised by that little bitty rim and ALMOST FALL THROUGH!   I complained daily to The Mexican telling him, we should really go to a hardware store and get one.  Either that or find me some 2X4s and i'd make my own.  Three days before leaving we bought the top seat.  I barely got to enjoy it!  I hope my suegra is enjoying it!  =)

The Mexican's abuela (grandmother) lived one house down.  She ran a little candy store out of the front area.  It was stocked with chips, soda, candy, gum, and more.  One day we were over at her house visiting. Los Padres came to grandmother's house and asked The Mexican to take them somewhere.  So, The Mexican left me with abuela (grandmother).  I knew this was not a good decision.

Abuela (grandmother) told me she was tired and wanted to lay down and rest.  So I walked with her to the bedroom and helped her onto the bed.  She reminded me like 3 times to make sure I woke her up at 2 because ROCIO (a spanish talk show) was going to be on.  Then she told me to just watch the store.

I went back out front PRAYING that no one wanted any candy, chips, gum, or soda because the whole PESO (money in Mexico) system had me very confused!  Sure enough....... someone came in and bought something.  They had exact change!  THANK GOODNESS!  15 minutes later someone else came and DID NOT HAVE EXACT CHANGE!  I started panic-ing!!!  I did NOT KNOW how to make change!  I had to ask the customer to help me and I really hope he was honest or else abuela probably thinks I stole from her.....

It was almost 2 o-clock.  Thank goodness!  It was time to wake Abuela up!  Now she could make change for the customers.  I woke her up and we sat in the living room.  Abuela in the recliner and me on the sofa.  We turned on Rocio, the talk show. Abuela proceeded to tell me how this talk show was her FAVORITE!  I was excited to watch it as well.  I love talk shows!  Rocio comes out on stage and she is standing in front of her guests.  Abuela and I are glued to our seat as Rocio starts talking about each guest a little.  It was sounding good.  Cheating, lies, betrayals..........  Then Rocio made the announcement..... "Today's show is about, "THE WOMAN WITH GREEN EYES WHO RUINED MY SON's LIFE"

I think I must have sunk down in the sofa some.  Seriously?  This is the topic??  Of all topics???  Abuela looked at me, I just grinned and thought.............OH NO, was she looking at my eye color?????  I mean of all topics, this is the one they would have to have on  during my visit.....

Finally, The Mexican came back and all was well.

My 1st trip to Mexico was from a dream.  Not my original dream...... but a dream none the less.  I will never forget the beautiful landscape nor the beautiful people!  The Mexican's family and neighbors were so very nice to me.  They made me feel fight at home!

I also will never forget the military checkpoints.  Having to stop and them searching The Mexican's truck all while holding machine guns and me having a minor internal panic attack.  I will not forget the border agents making us pull over to the side when crossing the border and having the drug sniffing dog sniff the truck.  I will never forget seeing the American Flag flying once crossing the border.  Sad to be leaving Mexico, but happy to be home!

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