Thursday, February 3, 2011

I like to call him Sexi Mexi........

*Originally posted February, 2011.
I like to call "The Mexican" sexi mexi.... that is my nickname for him!  He just kind of grins and laughs it off.  I think he secretly likes it.  He kind of reminds me of Alejandro Fernandez,  just....... with out the six pack.

And the accent...........  I LOVE IT!  I remember when we 1st met, I loved for him to only speak in spanish.  It sounded so romantic!  It still does, just....  not as romantic now that i understand everything he's saying.

I remember I had huge plans for our wedding!  I wanted a mariachi band to come and play.  We were going to mix the 2 cultures.  The Mexican was suppose to serenade me while the mariachi played.  The Mexican believe it or not CAN SING!  That's another reason why he reminds me of Alejandro Fernandez.........

Things didn't work out that way.....  damn budget!  But, i'm hoping on our next trip to Mexico he can surprise me with una "seranata".... *wink wink*

Oh and the sexy 5' o clock shadow he is so easily able to grow in a day! I love the rough guy look.  And I love his easily grown beards.  If i request a 5 o' clock shadow in the morning, cause I know we are going out that night and I want him to look extra sexy.... it'll be ready by that evening.
Yet another reason he reminds me of Alejandro!

Actually,  "The Mexican"  is lucky I have not called him Alejandro by accident! Jajaja

 It's his build.  Nicely defined, kinda like a swimmer's build.  Tall, dark, and handsome!  Just like Alejandro!

I got it!  I know what it is!!!!  It's the EYEBROWS!  Yes, that's it!  He looks just like Alejandro Fernandez because they have the same EXACT eyebrows!

How much sexier can one man be????

If I didn't have The Mexican, I may have to hunt down Alejandro Fernandez!

This is  one of my favorite videos..... it reminds me of The Mexican when he was younger....  now's he's got some grays poppin in his full head of black hair.... (but it looks good, he's starting to look like an older Alejandro...LOL)  Very sexy video with a real "mexican" feel at least from the view point of your average gringa....


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    1. Ha ha! Thanks! He'd kill me if I ever said it in public. (of course blogging about it doesn't count)

  2. Valerie, my prometida, always gets that gleam in her when I speak Mexican (what I call it since I'm not Spanish ;-). It's gotten to the point that she's caught herself saying it at work. The other, Mexican, staff just give her this look, but they've come to realize who she gets it from.

    M. Chavez