Monday, March 28, 2011


Anyone remember AMIGAS Y RIVALES ? 

This was my very 1st Mexican novela I ever watched.  I was just chilling on the couch and Univision happened to be on.  It was the premier of Amigas y Rivales.  It came on, and what a catchy tune!  I was like, "Ok, i'm going to see if I understand any of this.  Maybe it will help me with my Spanish."
After the 1st episode, I WAS HOOKED!

  Oh my goodness!  Las Novelas are so much juicier than American soaps.....  My nightly ritual was to come home, cook, tend to the house, then at 9pm (i think that was the time) I was GLUED to the t.v. for one hour!  The Mexican figured out it was best to not disturb me during this hour unless he wanted to be asked a million times, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  WHAT DID THEY SAY?  YOU MADE ME MISS IT!"  

I was really into this novela!  I did not miss one single episode.  I noticed that Univision kept advertising "El Gran Final" bla bla bla........  
I tuned in every night and just sat in shock watching all the events unfold and the twist and turns.

Then it happened............  One Monday, after work.....  I came home, did my things around the house, got all comfy on the couch, tuned in for Amigas y Rivales........... Y NADA!  QUE!!!!!  QUE PASO a Jimena? a Ada Marie Lopez (just love her by the way) y Nayeli (i guess that is how it is spelled) DONDE ESTAN?  QUE VA A PASAR AHORA????  

Immediately I went to the Mexican and was soooo upset.  He was like what happened.  I proceeded to tell him that Amigas y Rivales wasn't on and I had been looking on the t.v. guide and it looked like it wasn't coming on tomorrow or the next night either.  The Mexican started laughing.  I was furious!  What!  Tell me!  I can't stop watching now!

El Mexicanito explained that las novelas are not like American soaps that are on for years and years and forever!  They are like little mini-series!

I was in shock!  All the chisme, all the twist turns and excitement GONE like that????

Now, i'm somewhat of a novela pro.  I've watched a couple.  "Munecas de la Mafia" y mi mas favorita de todos "No hay Paraiso sin Tetas"

I've seen advertisements for one starting este Miercoles called "Teresa".  Anyone know anything about it?


  1. Girl! You are so crazy! I was getting hooked on one sometime ago about some Western type life novela where one girl is disgraced because she is raped and she unknowingly marries her rapist. Never finished watching it.

    What is that ?? No paradise without tits? LMAO. I think Latinos don't like to see their women grow old with the forever type soap operas. LOL

  2. I remember Amigas Y Rivales! I wish some novelas were on for years, but the good thing is that when one ends another one begins!

  3. Lol! It's a love hate relationship. On one end you're sad to see them go, on the other you're excited for a new adventure. One nice thing is the more popular novelas are available on DVD! YEA! ;)

  4. Teresa is good! I live in San Diego so we are lucky we get the Mexican Channel.. it actually ended almost a month ago here.. The Novela has actually been repackaged a couple of times but still always good... The Original Novela was done about 20 years ago The star? None other than Salma Hayek and a small role played by then child actor Gael Garcia Bernal. Some years ago it was known as "rubi" They all strill had some changes here and there but the plot was the same.. a young an beautiful woman who is very ambitious and uses men to get where she wants. I loooved it.. so sad that it's over. I had not seen a Novela since "Destilando amor" and yeah I remember Amigas y Rivales they actually played it not that long ago but like at 1am so I used to set my dvr for it haha..

  5. C- you've gotta watch "No hay paraiso sin tetas"!!! Una amiga colombiana me dio los dvds (i guess you can buy it on dvd.........where, i have no idea) but it was the best novela i've ever seen and the ending was EPIC!

    Sounds like the western Novela was quite interesting!

    I guess i'm gonna check out Teresa tonight and see what she's all about!

    Thanks for posting!

  6. MJ-
    So true! At least the novelas are "never ending" LOL!

    Thanks for your comment!

  7. Chantilly,
    I had no clue you could buy the more popular novelas on DVD. Where????

    Let me know, please... =)

  8. Rockin Momma-
    I think Teresa starts tonight. Gonna try and check it out and see what it's all about. I remember seeing a little bit of "Rubi" but never really paid attention. If it's good, i'll let you guys know.

    Thanks for giving the backround on it to me! Very interesting!

    Thanks for commenting! Cuidate!

  9. Cuando mi amiga Angie y yo fuimos en Merida, mirabamos "Telenovas" cada noche!!!Hay senoritas muy guapitas con emociones fuertes!!!
    Su favorito!!! Muy interesante, y es un buen oportunidad para aprender espanol!!!

  10. Check it girl! On Amazon...

    On occasion, I've seen them at Walmarts too! ;)

  11. I grew up watching novelas! :) My favorite novela of all time has to be Quinceañera!

    I don't watch novelas now, because my hubby is one of the only Mexicans I know that doesn't like telenovelas. BUT I do watch the recaps on the morning shows, so I still know what's going on. LOL

    Teresa is a good. I couldn't figure out why my 13 year old daughter had to keep running over to my suegra's house at a certain hour every day to ask Gramma a question. I later found out it was to watch Teresa. LOL! :)

  12. CorollaRN, I couldn't agree more! I leaned SO MUCH watching my 1st novela and all the rest too! Especially if i had the closed captioning ON! (then a word you weren't sure of, you could read)

    What an entertaining way to learn Spanish!

  13. Chantilly,
    Thanks for the info! I will definitely be checking it out! I need to start a collection of Spanish novelas! Great entertainment for a rainy day!

    Thanks again!!

  14. Leslie!
    I am going to start watching Teresa tonight! How funny about your daughter! My hubby claims he doesn't like them either, but i beg to differ. Sometimes, he has to walk to thru the living room to "get something to drink" or he just happens to "be looking for something" in the living room while i'm watching my novela! LOL

    Thanks for commenting amiga!