Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mexican, Cellphones, and an accent........or was it a bad connection?

On my way home from work I called The Mexican to see what he wanted for dinner.  I did not feel like cooking and we decided on pizza.  I continued talking about everything that had happened during my day today.  For some reason I felt like I was not being paid attention to. 

I said "Hello!, are you listenting?"  The Mexican said, "yes, finish telling me...... I've got ice on my back"  Me, "you've got ice on your back??"  Did you hurt yourself?  Why do you have ice on your back?"
The Mexican, "huh? what are you talking about?  Me, "ICE on your back!  you just said you had ice on your back!  Are you okay?"

The Mexican, "I didn't say that I had ice on my back!"  I said, "I HAVE MY ADSENSE BACK!!"

Me, "oh"

And, this is why if you watch Modern Family and saw the episode when Jay was trying to explain why people do not understand Gloria sometimes.......... I CAN TOTALLY RELATE!  

Oh no, is la novela "Teresa" going to interfere with my "Modern Family" show?????  I'll make do, I'll figure it out......


  1. Ha ha ha ha! We've had that same problem! Life is never dull! :)

  2. Leslie,
    you've got that right chica! Never dull for sure!