Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mi hijo un artist?

This is a drawing of a dragon mi hijo did at the age of 4.  He is now 5 but started drawing at the age of 2.  We have TONS of papeles con dragones, dinosaurios, lizards, elefantes, name it!!

The Mexican and I are so proud of him!  I have NO IDEA where he got his artistic side,  because I can barely draw a straight line!  Maybe it came from The Mexican.  He's kind of artistic when it comes to music (former DJ)and designing web pages (his new venture)..

The Mexican made our son his own web site with a collection of his drawings.  Please check it out!
Through a Child's Eyes

We have tons of drawings to add.......

Hope you enjoy and since i'm so slack and did not have time to do my Spanish Friday post.........  maybe I will try to post again tomorrow with pics of our fun day!


  1. That's great. I am going to check it out. That dragon is very good for a 4 year old.

  2. My son knew all the names of his dinosaur drawings. :) good work

  3. Thanks C!
    What is it about boys and dinosaurs???
    Your son sounds like mine and he probably knows all the dino facts about the dinos too..........
    Thanks for checking out his pagina amiga and for the sweet compliment!!

  4. That is an awesome drawing...very detailed....Check out .My grandson used to sit for hours and look at all the choices....and dream of future gifts...Just lots of dinos to look at!!!

  5. Wow Tara! That's incredible! I'm going to check out his other work. He's very talented that's for sure!

  6. Very good son loves to draw also..never thought about saving them to a website..

  7. CorollaRN,
    Thanks for the info! I will definetly check out that website. He is addicted to dinosaurs and dragons! I'm sure he will find something to catch his eye!

  8. Thanks Tyeisha,
    i would never have thought of it either, it's my husband who is talented enough to save them to a website..... me no.

  9. My little one just started drawing dragons, I have kept a website of her work for years. So fun to look back on - and we do not have to have pages of paper saved for years!