Monday, March 7, 2011

Multi Cultural Familia

I guess you could say I've always loved different cultures!  All of them.  There is something to be learned by every one.  A different way of looking at things.  The flavors of the food, the customs and traditions of the people.  There is just so much!

I remember when "The Mexican" and I moved in together.  (before marriage, i know....shame shame....whatever)   He moved into MY apartment.  He didn't say to much about my decor.  I had been to New York City the year before and visited China Town, I came back with these huge Chinese fans, a budda statue, and a tiger staute (symbol of my chinese birthyear or something.....)  So you could basically say I had some Chinese flair going on in my apartment.

The Mexican and I loved to go out and eat Indian food on the weekends.  We had our favorite restaurant and the staff new us by name!  You know, come to think of it, we were blowing $$$ like crazy.  The Indian restaurant was not cheap and we went all out......  Samosas for an apetizer (they are so yummy, gotta try em if you've never had them, Mango Lassi  for me to drink, he usually got  an Indian beer, saffron rice (which you had to pay extra for), my favorite Chicken Tikka Masala, his favorite, Shrimp Vindaloo, and an order of Nan or Roti (breads).  No wonder they were so nice to us, we were there every weekend like clock work and spending a small fortune.

I eventually decided to learn to cook some of these recipes.  I went to an Indian market and bought ingredients I'd never heard of like cardomon, garam masala, etc....

We also frequented the Spanish clubs back in the day.  I loved going because I loved to watch the people dance to "cumbia", "bachata", "salsa", "merengue"  types of music.  I wish The Mexican was a dancer, but no such luck...... I got a DJ instead.  He loved Cumbia, Bachata, Salsa, Regeaton, TODO and I was starting to LOVE it too!  We always had some sort of musica going in the apartment.

My younger brother was going to college at the time about 2-3 hours away.  He would usually come home on the weekends and stay with us.

One day he came home and was excited about a date he had.  Merengue (music in spanish)  was blaring, I was cooking, he went to his bed room and came out FURIOUS.  I was like, "what's wrong???"

He said, "TARA, It looks like we live in China, sounds like we live in Mexico, and smells like we live in India!  I've got this date and all my clothes smell like your Indian food!!!!"  He was so mad.

Now that I think about it, it is really funny!  Maybe he double dosed up on cologne that night.  Hahahaha!!

Things have not changed much.  I made a post on Facebook one night stating that I just had to sit back and laugh at our household.  My husband was on the phone talking to family in Mexico in Spanish.  I was cooking Italian.  We were listening to Reggae music and my son was wanting to practice oragami.

I wouldn't trade it for the world!  I'm glad my mind is open and I'm able to enjoy other cultures because they all have something beautiful to share.  I'm glad I live in the U.S.A. and am able to make the decisions I make and not be chastised for listening to certain musics, practicing certain religions and being married to My Mexicano!

Besos to all,
Tarita (my nickname given by El Mexicano)

If u get a chance, check out some of our favorite things and click on the links below to see the different styles of dance:


(i never knew there were so many different styles to dance in a club......and i didn't even put, duranguense, regeaton, merengue,  y mas)


  1. I love it! Sounds like a fun household to me! And kind of sounds like my house. :)

    What is it about boys and origami? My eldest son is completely obsessed with it at the moment!

  2. Hi Tara! I found your blog from Leslie. I think it's funny how you wish your Mexican was a dancer. My husband, who's also a Mexican, LOVES to dance and I HATE to dance! We've only danced once and that was at our wedding. I always encourage him to dance and he won't because he says he only wants to dance with me. So now he's starting to dance with our 8 year old daughter.

  3. Leslie,
    i don't know what it is about boys and origami all i know is that my son turned out to be pretty artistic and not sure where he got it from..... he's better at it than me. He can make anything out of paper. It's CrAZy!

    And we are so lucky to have our hogars asi. Yo explico a mi hijo que suerte tiene porque puede comer comida de aqui y mexico, escuchar musica de los dos lados...etc etc...

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Jackie,
    I'm so glad you found me! Can't wait to connect more because i'm sure there is a lot of relating withen it comes to being married to nuestras mexicanos....jajaja

    I would give anything to learn to dance all those dances. You are lucky that your hubby likes to dance! I can't believe you hate it.....
    although mi mexicano no le gusta bailar he loves music and really is a DJ (partime) so we have the music going all the time.

    What a sweet comment he made! Now there is a keeper! I think it is great he dances with your daughter! Those are great memories they are making!

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Yes, it is fun living married to different culture man but I had to pay my price for that, I married to gringo who is very open mind person, he believes Buddah, I am a Korean city girl, spoiled brat, my family did not talk to me years bc i broke the our family custom but now, everything is ok. My mom loves him, also his family is ok too bc they are very strict white sourthen baptist family. All his brothers & sisters love me now. One thing there is no boundary for love someone but had to pay for a lot of working but never dull moment. Well, enjoy life

  6. Suk,
    Thanks for posting.
    I have to agree that sometimes inter-racial marriages require a lot of work. On both sides, especially if one or both sides parents are against it, you have to work extra hard!

    I'm glad to hear things are going well for you and your family!

    You are right about there never being a dull moment!

    Take care,

  7. This is such a cute story. Isn't that true about how we absorb so much from so many different better way to live! Great post. =)

  8. Thanks Chantilly! I have to agree 100%!!
    Thanks for your comment!!!!

  9. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to agree with you our home is much the same. Married to a former military man who traveled the world we have japanese and budah decor while eating tacos and watching king of the hill. We are far from the norm. Our dinner meals have consisted of baked chicken mac and cheese and spanish rice lol. Either way we wouldn't have it any other way! So glad you stopped by totally following your blog now!

  10. Hey Ruby,
    Thanks for your comments! Yep, totally following u too girl! I would say we are far from the norm, but there are a lot of "us" out there. Glad we are able to connect here!
    Take care amiga!