Friday, April 8, 2011

Spanish Friday "Mexican Coca Cola"

English translation below:

Hoy mi hijo fue a la casa de sus abuelos (mis padres).  Ellos  lo llevaron a un restaurante cajun.  Cuando ellos preguntaron a el que quiere tomar, mi hijo dijo, "I WANT MEXICAN COKE!"  (quiero coca mexicana).  Por supuesto no sabian que era una coca mexicana. 

Mi esposo toma "Jarritos" a veces.

La unica manera de hacer tomar a mi hijo un jarrito le dijimos que era una coca cola.  Una coca cola Mexicana!  Y ahora le gustan!

Estaban en el restaurante y mi hijo no paraba de preguntar por una coca Mexicana. Cuando mis padres no lo entendieron empezo a hablar fuerte....... diciendo "I WANT MEXICAN COKE!" I WANT MEXICAN COKE! (quiero coca mexicana, quiero coca mexicana) y su abuelo diciendo, "no hay coca mexicana!"

La abuela (mi mama) me dijo que todos estaban mirando porque fue como estaba preguntando por droga y mi mama dijo a mi hijo, "ya, no mas! no hay coca mexicana aqui! tienes que tomar algo diferente!"

Se que no es chistoso hacer chistes sobre droga pero imajinando las caras de la gente ahi, me puso a reirme!

Today my son went to his grandparents house (my parents).  They took him to a cajun restaurant.  When they asked him what he wanted to drink; he replied, "I WANT MEXICAN COKE."
Of course my parents did not know what a mexican coke was.

My husband will drink "Jarritos" sometimes.  The only way we could get my son to try a "Jarritos" was to tell him it was a "mexican coca cola".  Now, he likes them!

So, they were in the restaurant and my son would not stop asking for Mexican Coke!  When my parents didn't understand him, he started talking loudly, demanding, "I WANT MEXICAN COKE! I WANT MEXICAN COKE!"  His grandfather was answering, "They do not have mexican coke here."

His grandmother (my mom) told me everyone started looking at them because it was like he was asking for drugs! My mom said to my son, "Stop, that's enough!  There is NO mexican coke here! You are going to have to drink something different!"

I know it's not funny to joke around about drugs, but imagining the faces of the people made me laugh!


  1. I couldn't help but crazy that Coke actually had drugs in it not too long ago! Anyway, cute idea to tell him Jarritos is Mexican Coke. Real Mexican Coke is awesome though isn't it??? How does the same product taste so different when it's bottled south of the border? Love it! =) Cute post!

  2. Too funny. You're right, drugs are no laughing matter, but the way it came out. *LOL* Me gustaria haber estado ahi! I love Jarritos. Mi sabor favorito es el de tamarindo. Me muero por tamarindo. De chica, yo tomaba otra soda Mexicana que se llamaba Peñafiel. No se si toda via la hacen. Nice to meet you! : )

  3. Thanks for ur comment amiga!

    You know we went on a tour of "The World of COke" because we live in Atlanta and it was so neat! They had coke from all the different countries and you could try what is popular there.... Very interesting to say the least! To my surprise I liked Africa's coke the best.

  4. Ezzy,
    Me encanta el tamarindo!!!! I thought i was the only one..... Tamarindo y toronja son mis favoritos! I've never had Penafiel, but now that uve mentioned it, i will look for it!
    Thanks so much for ur comment!
    It's nice to meet you too!! =)

  5. Tara, that was really cute! I'm sure your parents wanted to die though. I LOVE Coke in a can...that's the only way I'll drink it. And Strawberry Peñafiel is delicious too!

  6. Thanks for your comment Jackie!
    I'm going to have to look for and try Penafiel!

  7. I was rolling on the floor laughing as I read this. Your poor parents! :) I've often worried that my friends will think I am referring to drugs when I tell them I can't live without my Mexican Coke. :P It is so dang good! :) Love Jarritos too. Tamarindo, Fresa and Toronja are my favorites.

    Very funny post amiga. :)

  8. Leslie,
    Thanks for commenting girl! My mom asked me, "well where do you buy Mexican coke????, because he really wanted it bad!" I said, "Mom, that sounded just as bad as him asking for it!" Hahaha! I'll have to bring her some Jarritos to keep at her house or worse case scenario, in her car, incase of another outing....

  9. Lo aye! Aqui esta ... Jarritos de Tamarindo. I was looking for something else and came across it. :D