Saturday, April 9, 2011

Musica para las Mujeres! (Music for the women)

The Mexican use to do a lot of DJing....  things are not too busy these days, but
back in the day........He had me listening to all types of music when he'd be preparing para una fiesta.

One day he was playing some music and I started listening really close to the lyrics.  Is she saying what I think she is saying??  WOW! She is! I like this lady!!


and the song was "Rata de Dos Patas" ("2 Legged Rat").
What a great song!  Although I realize I'm lucky to have a good man, yo se que las ratas existen.....
I think it is good for us women to have someone singing on our defense!  I've been a fan ever since!

Here is a video I found with the lyrics in Spanish and the English translation. (i've also left the english translation here for you to read)                

You filthy rat,
Despicable animal,
Scum of life,
Freak of nature

You're subhuman,
A specter of hell,
Damned loser,
How much pain you have caused me

You scoundrel,
Poisonous snake,
Human garbage,
I hate you and despise you

You two-legged rat,
I'm talking to you,
Because the most despicable bug,
As damned as it is,
Compared with you,
Isn't that bad.

You damned bloodsucker,
You damned cockroach,
You infect everything you touch,
You injure and kill...

 VIVA PAQUITA LA DEL BARRIO!  I suggest you listen to the song and not just read the lyrics.  You can hear and feel the passion in her voice!


  1. jajajajaja, no pos' ta cabron! Paquita eres la protagonista de esta pelicula!

  2. Christine- i know right! What a great song to listen to after a break up or a fight with your man! Gotta love Paquita!

    Anonimo- bueno, a la mejor que si, pero..... hay tantas canciones que hablan mal de las mujeres. Necesitamos una mujer que puede cantar a los hombres como sentimos a veces....jajaja!

  3. *LMAO* I could think of an ex, or two, I could've sent this beauty to, back in the day. Way too funny. Great lyrics. ; D

  4. Gotta love Paquita!!! She has helped me through a break up.

  5. Ezzy, I can think of a few I couldve sent this to also chica! Yes, the lyrics ROCK! =)

    Thanks for commenting. I wish I would have known about Paquita back in the day when i needed her! Now, i know she's got my back! LOL