Friday, April 15, 2011

Spanish Friday Soy-Rizo

English translation below:
Si, compramos Soyrizo! (chorizo ​​de soya)  Dejame explicar..............

No me gusta echarle la culpa a mi esposo y mi amiga latina ..... pero lo voy hacer!

Cuando mi amiga de Colombia y yo trabajamos juntas, ella traeia buñuelos con cafe! Habia muchas dias que me llamaba y dijo, "No traiga el desayuno! Voy a llevar arepas con chocolate!" Para el almuerzo me decia, "Quieres comida China?" Por supuesto que no queria ponerla triste, entonces dije que si y fuimos a comer comida China.

Siempre había el chocolate en caso de una emergencia y necesitabamos un impulso de "energia extra!"    "T
ienes que probar esto! Comimos esto para el almuerzo en Colombia! o come eso! yo lo cocine......"

OH, y los pacientes nos traeian dulces, galletas, y pasteles cuando llegaron a sus citas.

Después de 10 años trabajando juntas YO SE que tengo unas libras demas.

Ahora, hablemos de El Mexicano. Durante años, he tratado de explicar que los Amercinos  casi no comimos desayuno pero si, si ........ es un plato rápido de cereal o un huevo revuelto. Algo rapido!

El Mexicano, me ignora, y ahora, esta cocinando el desayuno para mi! Por lo general hace huevos revueltos con papas.  Le pone cebolla, ajo, tomate y tortillas. (carbs!!) En realidad tiene varios desayunos tradicionales  en su menú ....

Nunca en mi vida he comido desayuno todos los dias hasta que conoci mi esposo.  Yo se que tengo mas libras por eso!

Pero mi marido esta dispuesto a probar todos mis ideas locas! Una vez , que nos puso en una "comida cruda" dieta. Comimos solo verduras crudas durante 4 dias. He hecho una lasana de alimentos crudos! Pero, extranabanos la comida normal y tuvimos dolor en las mandíbulas de tanto masticar!

Comimos la mayoria de comidas sin gluten y no  procesados . Un dia fuimos de compras. Mi marido vio chorizo, ​​me miro y dijo: "mmmm huevos con chorizo​​!"  Le dijo, "Vamos a probar la soja-rizo! es libre de gluten y tiene menos grasa!"

Lo intentamos! Es bueno! Nos gusta. Nada se puede comparar a la actual "chorizo​​", pero vamos hacer lo que podemos para comer mas saludable. Realmente es dificil saber que es de la soja. La comida de huevos con chorizo sigue con el mismo sabor que antes.!

Si tienen la oportunidad, pruebalo.  Me encantaria escuchar su opinion sobre  la Soy-rizo...... 

Yes, we bought Soyrizo! (Soy Chorizo)  Let me explain..............

I hate to blame it on my husband and my latina amiga..... but I just have to!!!

When my amiga from Colombia and I were working together she would bring in bunuelos with coffee!  Some days she'd call me on my way to work and tell me, "Don't bring breakfast!  I'm bringing arepas with hot chocolate!"  For lunch she'd say, "quieres comida china?" (do you want chinese?) Of course I didn't want to make her sad, so i'd say yes, and off to eat chinese we went.

We always had a supply of chocolate just in case we needed a boost of "extra energy"  "You have to try this!  I made this.  We eat this for lunch in Colombia!"

Oh, and our patients!  Candy, cookies and cake!  They brought us sweets all the time when they came to their appointments.

After 10 years of us working together, I've gained weight!

Now, let's talk about El Mexicano.  For years, I've tried explaining that Americans rarely eat breakfast and if we do........  it's a quick bowl of cereal or a scrambled egg.  Something QUICK!  I've been arguing this FOR YEARS!  The Mexican, ignores me and now, cooks ME breakfast!  He usually makes eggs with potatoes.  He'll put onion, garlic, tomato and seve with  tortillas. (carbs!!)  He actually has several traditional  breakfasts items on his menu....

I never ate breakfast every day until I met my hubby!  I know that i've gained weight due to that!

But my husband is willing to try all my crazy ideas!  One time I put us on a "raw food" diet.  We ate only raw vegetables for 4 days.  I made a raw food lasagna!  We felt great but were missing "cooked" food and our jaws were sore from all the chewing!

We eat mostly gluten free non processed foods.  A couple of days ago we went shopping.  My husband saw chorizo looked at me and said, "mmmm huevos con chorizo!"  I looked at him and said, "lets try the Soy-rizo! it is gluten free and has less fat!"

We tried it!  It's good!  We like it.  Nothing can compare to the actual "chorizo" but desperate times call for desperate measures and you really can not tell it is made from soy.  Our eggs with chorizo taste just like it always has!

If  you get the chance, try it!  I'd love to hear your opinion on Soy-rizo.........


  1. Hahhahaha ... me muero de riza. " y tuvimos dolor en las mandíbulas de tanto masticar!" A mi hermanita (de 39 años) le encantan los "weenies de soya." A mi, no. No es tanto que no me guste la soya, por que sí como "edamame." Quizás tengo algo en la mente contra frijoles que se quieren pasar como carne ... I don't know. I should probably try it sometime. It's like peas. I can't stand the idea of them because they're green and round, but will order extra capers whenever I have the chance. Makes-absolutely-no-sense.

    Me gusto mucho tu articulo ... me quede con ganas de comer buñuelos!

  2. Hi Ezzy!
    Thanks for your comment.
    We have not tried the "weenies de soya" yet....... but knowing now that the soyrizo is good i'll be much more willing on our next shopping trip.
    Oh, y fue la verdad del dolor que tuvimos cuando estuvimos comiendo una dieta cruda! Who would have ever thought about chewing. I'm going to have to do a seperate post about that one day because this was a interesting dieta! The people who switch over to "raw" only have got to be strong willed! It broke us in only 4 days! A juicer or blender es una necesidad on that diet! LOL

    Did you participate today amiga? Headed over to find out!

  3. Si! Y gracias por haber comentado, Chica. Que vistes tambien la CARITA DE ANGEL? I was una esclava a las dos telenovelas *LOL* I wonder how many grammar skills I just broke, there. Yeah, I've admired that dieta cruda from a real far distance. I'm not strong enough for all that chewing. I like your stories, Tara. ; D

  4. Nice - I may have to give it a try. We're trying to get healthier here too. Eating breakfast is actually good for you - but eating the right kind of breakfast makes the difference!

  5. Ezzy, well after Amigas y Rivales i took a small break, i've watched a few here and there. I'm the type that can not move from the couch or multitask (fold laundry at the same time) so if I'm into a novela I get less done!
    Never have seen Carita de ANgel, but that sounds good!
    Like ur stories too and looking forward to reading more!

    Tracy, thanks for your comment. yes, what you eat for breakfast sure makes a difference. It's just so hard when you have to choose between a scrambled egg and toast or un bunuelo con cafe.....of course i'm gonna chose el bunuelo...LOL

  6. Nice! I'm going to have to pick some of this up and try it out with my carnivore ;)

  7. Chantilly,
    Let me know what you think when you guys try it! I think your carnivore hubby will be surprised...
    We like it alot!!
    Thanks for commenting!

  8. omg guey donde lo compro? I need to cut back on some fat he comido TANTO cuando fui de vacasioned con mi mami... aye ke lastima I losted 12 lbs then gained 15 the next week jajajajajaj But neta where do I buy this?

  9. La Cabrona-
    I bought ours at Walmart. It was in the "healthy section." (like where the non meat hot dogs are) I've also seen it at Kroger. Not sure which state you live in and what stores you have there. Check in the health food section or i'm sure if you asked, someone could point you in the right direction.

    It is easy to gain weight con la comida mexicana! Everything is soooo good!

    Thanks for ur comment!

  10. Hmmm did you know rizo means curl or ripple? Makes me wonder if those rizos are rippling LOL Anyway, thought the name was so funny! Never seen it in NY but will keep an eye out for it now. Would love to try it!

    Btw, See here for translation:

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  12. Ms. Latina,
    I hope you find some Soy-rizo and are able to try it. It seems like I remember rizo meaning curl but had no clue about ripple! I'm going to check out the translation link you sent! Gracias amiga!

    Although my husband was with me when we purchased "soyrizo" I wonder if he paid any attention to the name, because a few days later, i asked him, "Where is the soyrizo?" He said, "the what?" I said "SOYRIZO." He said, "what is that?" I said, "remeber it's the chorizo we bought just without the CHO! The SOYrizo..." He just looked at me confused, and i told him to forget it, just tell me where the chorizo is....

    Although we are eating the Soyrizo, my husband just blocks the healthy part out. He figures, it looks and taste like chorizo.... close enough! LOL

  13. Megarotk,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting! I love making new friends here! I will most definitely visit your blog as well and link to it!
    Thanks again, hope you'll visit often!

  14. I've been using SoyRizo for years. I've gotten my husband's family on it and my kids have always loved it, since birth pretty much. It's so amazingly good. Especially now since I know what's IN real chorizo. I used to eat the real stuff all the time in San Francisco. But now not so much. So yes I'm all in with SoyRizo and it's great vitamins and protein without stomach lining from a pig (for the record, super yuck)