Monday, May 16, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen.............

or in other words, my hubby went out of town today. 

 I LOVE my Mexican but sometimes his out of town work related trips are a good thing!  I miss him when he is gone but I can't deny how much I enjoy my "me time!!"

My husband is a great provider, an awesome father and husband. He is usually out of town for a couple of days up to a couple of weeks, then home for the same amount of time.  I love it when he is home because it's nice to have my media naranja home!  My work week is much easier because he takes and picks our son up from school.  I always have a delicious mexican breakfast.  He does things around the house and yard, helps me cook, helps take care of our son etc...  Everything a good husband and father should do......... BUT mi Mexicano can not, let me repeat, can not SIT STILL!  He has to constantly be doing something.

I could go into more detail, but I'm not.  Just believe me when I say we are CONSTANTLY doing  something!  Some days, I just want to chill!  Watch a movie, sleep, facebook, blog, but I'm usually  involved in the Mexican's "projects."   Sunday alone, he repaired 2 computers, did some more "geek squad" stuff,  cooked out, vacuumed, packed, OH MY........the list goes ON and ON. 

Don't get me wrong, if he was a "lazy you know what"..... I'm sure I'd have more serious issues to be writing about.

It's not that I "like" it when he is gone.  It is that when he is gone, my "me time" is really 100% "me time!"  I can do all my girly and relaxing things with him  here,  but somehow I always get sucked into his "projects."

Hoping to catch up on all my blogging friend's blogs!  Sleep in this weekend.  Maybe go get a mani/pedi and have lunch with my friend. 

Unless you hear me yell,


  1. Did you say "mani-pedi?" If only. I can totally sympathize, Tara. It's awesome when they keep busy, because they get stuff done. But when their keeping busy means them asking on a Saturday or Sunday morning, "What do you have planned today?" Me dan ganas de gritar. I'm like you, sometimes I just want to read, write a post, or just stare out the window and count the birds in the trees. Enjoy your "me" time. You deserve it! : D

  2. Ezzy!
    Thanks girl! I plan on it! I love that he gets ton of stuff done, i really do. He hardly ever ask what do I have planned. He just includes me. I get that "ganas de gritar" feeling often! (maybe he and I should have a little chat 'bout that)

  3. I know exactly what you mean! My hubby is the same way!! On his day off he don't wanna sit still for a long time, he wants to be doing stuff. Yo tengo las ganas de gritar tambien! lol! He drives me nuts sometimes and I do love my "me-time" too and I love "our-time" as well and I believe its totally normal. We all need time to ourselves every now and then :)