Friday, May 13, 2011

Spanish Friday

English tranlation below
 Disculpen que mi post esta tarde. Como dice el dicho:  tarde pero seguro......
Esta semana estaba muy ocupada con mi familia y el trabajo.  No tuvo tiempo  pensar en lo que voy a escribir.  Yo decidido hacer lo mas facil y escribir de las fotos en mi cell. 

Esta estatua me la regalo mi abuela.  Creo que se ve perfecta en mi jardin!

  Fluffy Girl.  Mi gatita dormida!

Esta foto es de mi regalo que gane de  Tiki Tiki !!  Que padre, no?  Me encanto!   Esta noche comimos pollo asado con el dry glaze.  Fue muy rico!  Muchas gracias a Tiki Tiki  y Urban Accents ! Visiten el website de Urban Accents para aprender mas de las especias tan ricas que ofrecen, tambien tienen recetas!

Sorry my post is late.  Like the saying says, Better late than never....
This week I was so busy with family and work that I have not had time to even think about what I wanted to write.  I decided to do the easiest thing and write about the pictures in my cellphone. 

This statue my grandmother gave me.  I think it looks perfect in my garden!
Fluffy Girl, my sleepy cat.
This pic is of my present I won from Tiki Tiki.  Too cool, right?  I love it!  Tonight we ate grilled chicken with the dry glaze.  It was really good!  A lot of thanks to Tiki Tiki and Urban Accents.
Visit Urban Accents website to learn more about the delicious spices they offer, oh! they also have recipes!


  1. Tara, Felicitaciones por tu premio! It looks so yummy. Me gusta tanto tu jardin y estatua. Looks like somebody's been spending some time in the garden. Very pretty. Me dan ganas de sentarme en ese banco con un buen libro.

    I hope you're able to catch a breather this week. I know what it's like when life just takes over. The blog and everything else takes a back seat. And thank you so much for your kind words about my post. The pictures are special to me. *un abrazo*

  2. Hey Ezzy!
    Thanks for your (as always) sweet words! I hope I'm able to catch a breather too! I'm enjoying blogging and when life gets in the way I hate missing everyone's posts! At least they are there to catch up on later.

    I can imagine how special the pics are! Have you ever looked into the proper way to preserve them? My father is real into geneology and has pictures that are very very very old and I think he has do something special or keep them in some kind of special container....
    I'll ask.

    Un abrazo to you as well amiga. Have a great weekend!

  3. Congratulations on your prize, amiga! I bet that San Juan Sazon tastes delicious. :)

    Love your garden statue. Makes me wish my casita had a garden. :P

  4. Leslie,
    YES! The San Juan Sazon is awesome! I LOVE IT! It was a little spicy for my son, but my husband and I loved it. My son ate it so it must not have been too too spicy...haha, he just drank a lot of water.
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  5. Special archiving ... yeah, it's a box with no lid! I know I need to do something to keep them safe. I've just started scanning them to keep them electronically. Please share any tidbits your papi might've found.

  6. Ezzy,
    will do amiga! I'll ask this weekend. =)

  7. Ooo, you won one of the prizes from Tiki Tiki. Lucky you!