Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knock knock....

My son LOVES knock knock jokes!  Sometimes he makes them up and although they are not funny, I laugh.  To me it is funny just watching  him tell jokes.  He is  finally at an age where he "gets"  jokes.

So the other day, my son comes out of the office and into the living room crying.   My son starts telling me how Daddy is doing the joke wrong.  Once I figured out what he was talking about I went and explained to the Mexican how knock knock jokes work.  

A couple of days later we were all in the living room and my son turns to my husband and says, "Knock Knock"

and the Mexican says..............
 "Who is it?"

I said, "no, no, no...... it's WHO'S THERE?"

the Mexican looks confused and I tell our son to try it again.

Son-Knock Knock
Mexican-Who's there?
Mexican-Soup come in
Me-NO NO NO!!!!!!!!

My son starts to pout.  I say,"hunny don't get upset.  You are going to have to tell your dad regular jokes or jokes in spanish.  Tell mommy the knock knock jokes.

Son-Knock knock
Me-Who's there?
Me-Soup who?
Son- Superman!
We both laugh.  The Mexican looks confused. All is well again.........


  1. Tara, jokes, como dichos, are so totally lost when they cross cultural lines. Your hubs will get this one, eventually. : ) Love it!

  2. Ezzy,
    yes, you are right. I've learned that jokes and dichos etc are/can be "lost in translation." Even if he never gets it.... it's ok, we love him the way he is. Hopefully my son will "get" both english and spanish jokes, dichos, and everything!

  3. Oh, you know he will. Kids are sponges. I love that. Before I forget, here's that e-store panadería I mentions, it's called El Gallo Bakery. Their store hasn't opened yet, but is supposed to soon. The pictures alone, on their website, make my mouth water! mmmmmm!

  4. Thanks Ezzy,
    Going to go check it out now!

  5. Awwww! I know exactly how your son must have felt. I went through the same thing with trying to teach my Mexican, non-English speaking Grandpa, knock-knock jokes. He just didn't get it. And I couldn't understand why my grandpa couldn't speak English.

  6. Leslie,
    Thanks for commenting.
    He also gets upset when Dad does not pronounce the name of the dinosaurs correctly in English. Our son is always correcting him. (our son can be a little OCD when it comes to dinosaurs..... but that's a different subject LOL)
    I can see how knock knock jokes would be harder to get. A lot of jokes in spanish have been lost on me as well....
    One day he'll look back on it and understand.
    Take care =)

  7. lol omg tell your son this corny one... i think its so dumb bt its so funny then your son can tell your hubby..
    "Que comen los toros?"
    "PASOle" jajajajaj funny u get it pasole like pasa le jejejej i love it!

  8. Good one Cabrona! Going to teach it to my son now so we can surprise dad when he gets home!
    Thanks for commenting! =)

  9. ROFLMAO! ... Our families have so many memories in common. I remember a similar scenario when my boys were younger. Thanks for bringing it back to me.

    (My youngest son also likes knock-knock jokes and cheesy jokes. He told me one yesterday...

    What do polar bears eat at the North Pole?
    Brrrrrrrrgurs [burgers]


  10. Tracy,
    I'm going to have to tell that one to my son! He'll love it!!!!
    I can imagine the stories you have to tell. Especially with "suegra" living with ya!
    It makes life interesting, no?? haha
    THanks for commenting!