Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Tinker

One day I heard my husband pull into the garage and shut his car door. I was in the kitchen cooking frantically. I wanted us to eat, get my son bathed,  and pajamas on before Teresa (my new novela).
I finished dinner.  No sign of the Mexican.  I poked my head into the garage.  I said, "Hey... what are you doing?  Dinner is ready."  He replied, "I'm working on something.  I'll eat later."

Normally I would have investigated that answer more but time was passing fast. I knew I did not have a minute to spare.

Once "Teresa" starts I like to sit back, relax, and lose myself in the novela.  So, I fed my son and I. Put the Mexican's dinner in the microwave.  Gave our son a bath and put on his pajamas.  As I was cleaning up the kitchen I heard a loud VROOOOOM!  "Oh my gosh!  What was that?"  Then again I heard several loud VROOM, VROOM, VROOOOOOMS!

I went into the gargage!  There was smoke! and fumes!  I thought, "Do I needed a gas mask to go any further?"  "What are you doing?  Oh my gosh!  Open the gargage door!"  After the smoke cleared...This is what I saw

A Go-Kart!!!
Did I mention that the Mexican likes to tinker around ???

When he brought this go-kart home, it would not crank. After working on it that night (i think he actually came in around midnight) it runs!  Yay!
I guess he will paint it and put some new tires on it.  At any rate our son thinks it is pretty cool.

riding go-kart

I'm glad my husband likes to fix things.  I just wish I could get him to fix the kitchen faucet.  He loves "projects" just not mine!


  1. I just thought I would share with you, last nite, me and my mexican were relaxing and i decided to check out "teresa" of course my spanish is not that good so i only understood about 1/4 of what was going on, but what amazed me even more was how much my mexican was into it... he was actually talking to the tv, lol, estupido chica, don't kiss him, among other things..... It was more fun watching him than it was watching the show :) He delights me in new ways everyday!

  2. Don't you love that?! My husband has a similar pet project (I sometimes call the "other" woman). I keep telling him I wish he put as much effort into washing the dishes, or picking up our son's toy room, as he does into keeping "her" clean. Watch, your son will be the one vroooming-vroooming, next! : D

  3. Oh, how fun! When I was a child, my dad built me a go-kart and I loved it!

  4. flor,
    thanks for commenting!!

    i'm so glad you checked out teresa! watch out, it's addictive! it doesn't take long to understand what is happening. my mexican watched with me also the other day and was into it! he will not admit it, but i know he likes it. haha!
    thanks so much for commenting!

    today he painted it. it's looking better and better! aren't men funny with their little projects! your nickname "the other woman" made me laugh!
    hope you are well amiga!

    thanks for commenting! i know i son is going to love it! if he doesn't my husband will.... haha!

  5. Wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, Tara! Un abrazo y beso, amiga! <3