Friday, May 27, 2011

Spanish Friday

English translation below

Me encanta la novela Teresa.  Teresa siempre tiene una flor en su ropa o cabello. Quiero ser mas atrevida con mi estilo.  Estoy buscando una flor para mi cabello.  Una grande!   Cual es su favorita?


I love the novela (spanish soap) Teresa.  Teresa always has a flower in her hair or on her clothes. I want to be more daring!  I'm looking for a flower to wear in my hair. A big one!  Which is your favorite?


  1. Romantic look! The first two I love, but at least for me, I would go with the first one. I think the white-colored one will look good with tanned skin but not as stunning against fair skin. The pink will work for anyone.

  2. i got a huge pink one i always wear lmao

  3. Qué bonitas flores. My favorite is the first, the third one me recuerda un poco de una araña and the third I'd get dirty in, like, two seconds. I can't wait to see which you go with. : )

  4. Thanks guys for commenting! My fav is the 1st one also. Guess what! I bought 2 yesterday. I'll save the Mexican's reaction for another post... LMAO!