Monday, May 30, 2011

The Flower

Happy Memorial Day!  We had a great weekend and I hope you did too!

Guess what!  I bought 2 flowers for my hair.  One white and one grey (to go with some outfits)....  I'd like to share The Mexican's reaction.

So, I come out into the living room sporting my new flower.  My husband says, "oh no, no, no (while laughing) que es eso?? (what is that??)

I am in shock!  I reply, "A FLOWER!"

The Mexican continues on, "Tara, where did you get dis?  I've never seen any girls wearing dis here." 
I reply, "well you are about to!"
The Mexican, "you don't think people are going to laugh?"
Me, "I don't care if they do!  I want to have my own style, wear things I LIKE! I'm not trying to please other people!"

Our son says, "yeh, mommy!  You have to be you!  Just be yourself.!"
The Mexican joined in, "yeh your right papa"

I proceeded to pull out my cell and show my husband a picture I took of a hat I saw in a store.

"As you can see, flowers are all the rage this year" (i am making things up at this point)  My husband nods and I can tell he is thinking it over.  I pull my last blog post up and show him the pictures of the 3 girls with flowers in their hair.  He says, "well, it does look cute on you....."

Later on that day we went swimming.  We decided to grill out and let the boys (my son and nephews) play in the pool.  I went inside to grab everything we were going to grill out.  I made a quick dash into the bedroom and pulled one side of my hair back with one of my new flowers. I came out side.

The Mexican immediately says "whoa!  Look at you with your flower."  I smile.  The Mexican says, "Look, your brother is outside, you should go ask him what he thinks of the flower."  (by the way, my brother lives next door to us.)  I say, "Ok, I think I will!"

I walk over to the fence that separates our houses.  Me, "Hey R, do you like my flower?"  R, "Yeh, it's nice." (he has a weird look on his face)  Me, "No really, be honest, do you think it looks cute?"
R, "yeh" (still has a weird look on his face)  Me, "Do I look stupid?"
R, "ummm, yes." (as he starts to laugh) then he continues "well, you know maybe if you were wearing a sundress or something, but you've got on blue soccer shorts, green t-shirt, and a white flower in your hair...."

I go back over to where my husband is grilling out.  The Mexican asked, "what did he say?"
I answered, "He LOVED it!"  


  1. Contrary to what your Hubby may think, you are absolutely right about these flowers being all the rage. The girls here (and I mean fashionable teen girls and older women) are wearing them every day. I think they look beautiful. I wish my hair were just a little longer so I can wear one. :P Just last week, Hope's home ec. class made a whole bunch of flowers. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on the blog this weekend. :D


  2. Leslie,
    Thanks for your comment. I knew Teresa and I were on to something... LOL The tutorial would be awesome! Flower power!!!!

  3. I laughed out loud at the comments between you and your brother! I guess sibling goofiness never goes away, does it! Hope to see more pictures of you with flowers--whether in sundress or soccer shorts :)

  4. Jen,
    Thanks for commenting! You are right! It never goes away. I hope I can post a pic of me with my flowers too! I've come to the realization that I need to buy a camera ASAP! My cell phone pics are not that good and with vacation coming up, a good camera is a must!!!

  5. Tara, las flores are beautiful. Wish I could've seen the expressions on your hub's and bro's faces. I say "go for it." I look like an araña greñuda when I have my hair down and curly, so probably wouldn't want to add to the mass, but when I have it pulled back in one of my tight buns, now we're talking. I'd love to see the tutorial, too! : D

  6. LOL - My husband has had similar reactions to some of my fashion experiments. One year I decided I wanted to wear "salwar kameez" to mass. Here I am, a white girl, married to a Latino, going to Spanish language Catholic mass --- in clothing usually only seen on women from Pakistan and India --- But I got it in my head that I wanted to and no one was going to talk me out of it. You only live once right? ... Carlos thought I had finally gone completely crazy but you know what? ... I got so many compliments on that outfit that day! ROFL. People were definitely staring so trying something new isn't for the self conscious, (which I usually am) - but sometimes you just have to pretend you have all the confidence in the world and go out there and do your thing :)

  7. Ezzy,
    Thanks for commenting amiga! I seriously doubt you look like an arana granuda with your hair down and curly.... I'm sure you'd look beautiful sporting una flor!

    Your story cracked me up! That sounds totally like something I'd do. I'm going to do my thing! We'll see how long it lasts or how many stares I can put up with before I give in. Thanks for commenting!