Friday, June 3, 2011

Spanish Friday El Traje de Bano

English translation below:

Estoy un poco triste hoy.  Manana vamos a la playa pero sin el Mexicano.  El esta trabajando en un proyecto por 3 semanas and no puede ir.  Manana a esta hora voy a tener mis pies en la arena! Woohoo!

Hoy yo fui a comprar un traje de bano.  Ay! Dios Mio!!!!  Necesito ponerme en una dieta lo mas pronto posible!

Fui a una tienda y sabes que.... La linea de "Carolina"  tiene unos trajes de bano para controlar las curvas.  Que bueno pense!

Dejame contarte que esa "Carolina" no tiene mucho para controlar me imagino.  Despues de ponerme todos, yo decidido ir a una tienda con una seleccion mas grande.

Vamos a la playa con mis padres y la familia de mi hermano..  Ahora que mis padres son vegetarianos y siempre toman  jugos de veduras y comen tantas ensaladas,  quizas voy a regresar con menos libras.

El Mexicano siempre dice.... si alguien no le gusta (mis gorditos) hay alguien que si le gusta. (si hay una forma decirlo mejor, porfavor dejame un comentario.... el mexicano no esta para chequiar mi espanol)
No voy a pensar mucho en esto.  Voy a ponerme el flor en el cabello y hazlo!

I'm a little sad today.  Tomorrow we are going to the beach but without the Mexican. He is working on a 3 week project and can't go.  Tomorrow at this time I'll have my feet in the sand.  Woohoo!

Today I went to buy a bathing suit.  Oh my gosh!  I need to go on a diet A.S.A.P!   I went to a store and  you know what..... The  "Carolina" line of swim suits had some  to control curves (make you look slimmer).  "Oh that's good!" I thought......
Let me tell you that this "Carolina" chic must not have very much to control!  After trying on everything I decided to go to a store with a bigger selection. 

We are going to the beach with my parents and my brother's family.  Now that my parents are vegetarian and completely into juicing and eating a ton of salad, maybe I'll come back a little lighter.

Like the Mexican always says, "If someone doesn't like it (referring to my curves) there is someone out there that will!"
I'm not going to think about it too much!  I'm going to put my flower in my hair and DO MY THANG!


  1. Ugh, I have not had good luck swimsuit shopping in Mexico. I needed one on my last trip and could only find one. By a miracle I could put it on, but it was not pretty. I hope you found a nice suit and that your husband doesn't get too jealous of the fun you'll be having.

  2. Thanks for commenting Greengagirl! I've never searched for a bathing suit in Mexico. Thanks for the heads up, i'll make sure i'm prepared on future trips!

  3. I hate swimsuit season only because of the freaking swimsuits. I buy mine at TJMaxx, they always seem to have my size and in cute styles. But I get your meaning. Lo qué necessito yo es poner candenas en la hellera! Seems every year, since I had our son, I go up a size. o_O I hope you enjoy the beach this weekend! The comic is hysterical, by the way. Un beso <3

  4. Haha...that's cute! Dang vegetarians! Your hubby's right...

  5. Ezzy,
    Ummm I could definitely use those "cadenas" you were talking about! LOL I loved that comic too! Thanks for commenting! Un beso back atcha!

    Yes, secretly I love to hear my husband say that.

  6. I had my feet in the sand today and it was awesome :) ... I didn't bother with the bathing suit drama. Ugh. I just put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt --- the Salvadoran way of swimming jajaja ;)

  7. The Salvadoran way sound like an awesome way to me! I hope you had fun!!!!

  8. ugh id much rather die that try on bathing suits... i usually buy one though.. then let it sit there... put it on once just to put a camisita, and some shorts over it.. lol..p.s. i like to make up my own sayings like "para cada uno que no se cai, hay uno ke es un super nice guy" :)

  9. Cabrona,
    I LOVE your saying!!!!!!!! Now I've gotta memorize it b4 the Mexican comes home so I can surprise him!
    I think i'd rather die as well...... it was a royal pain in my @$$ but I eventually found one.