Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Present..... Check

Today my son and I went shopping.  We found my husband's father's day present!

The Mexican has a tendency to always leave his wallett in his jeans.  Me being the awesome wife that I am,  I use to search all pockets before washing clothes.  That has now changed due to added kid and more work hours.

 I really feel like checking your own pockets before putting your clothes in the hamper is not that hard.

Apparently it is.  I can not tell you  how many times I have washed The Mexican's wallett and cellphone.   

Today my son and I came across the ALUMA WALLET.
 Let's see how long this wallet last....   I know it is supposedly water resistant and not water proof, but at this point I'll take what I can get.

After I bought it, I did some research online and apparently the reviews say it's crap.  Oh well, too late now!  I'm ahead of the game for a change when it comes to buying his present.    

Now, if I can only talk him into buying me the FLYING ALARM CLOCK!  ( I so need this)


  1. I love the flying alarm clock!

    It is good to see that I am not the only one who struggles to get my husband to empty his pockets. I killed a cell phone of his that way, which caused quite the drama; apparently it was the only place he had the numbers to call his family.

  2. Well, you're way ahead of me in the game. I haven't even thought about what the kiddies and I are going to give Hubby for Father's Day! :P

  3. Greenga- Oh my hubs and I have gone through tons of cell phones and wallets...oh, and arguments! Now, if he leaves his cellphone in pants and it gets washed, he knows he better just try and dry it all out and hope it works otherwise he will have to buy a new one. The wallet he knows to lay all of his things out to dry. Any money I find in the washing machine is MY TIP and he knows not to try and blame me anymore because I refuse to let the blame be put on me when he's a grown man!
    I can imagine though the drama that went down since that is the only place he had numbers to call family.

    Leslie, yay! for once I'm ahead. I hadn't really thought either, then saw the wallet and thought, "oh this has his name written ALL over it!"

  4. Tara, I'm totally sold on the wallet. The flying alarm clock, though, I'd have to pulverize with a sledgehammer! ...*LOL* Hope you had a fab vacation. Were you able to keep up with Teresa? Welcome back, amiga. : D

  5. Ezzy,
    I was not able keep up w/Teresa. I saw one or two episodes. Last i remember Arturo found out Teresa and Mauriano did more than just kiss before the wedding.
    Have you watched it any? Feel free to clue me in. If not, i'll catch up tomorrow night.

    I would want to pulverize the flying alarm clock too, but I need it! Hopefully I could train myself to get up then..... LOL

  6. WTh!!! Omg! You're totally cracking me up! The ads are too funny! I can't even imagine waking up in the morning and searching for that bleeping propeller! Instead of "good morning", I'd probably wake up screeching four letter words every morning! Lol...that would drive me nuts! As for the wallet, I hope he likes it and it would be awesome if it's at least waterproof enough for the washer. A pretty cool gift! ;)

  7. OMg! P.S. Hubby and I had a great time watching videos of their other ridiculous products! LOL! Too funny!

  8. Chantilly,
    Isn't Vat19 hilarious! Can you imagine receiving that giant gummy bear! YUCKO! (I like gummy bears, but not a 5 pounder or however many pounds it was)
    I love watching their videos. That flying alarm clock is mine though!!!! I need it so bad! I've asked work to take up a collection....LOL

  9. Yes! I'll be watching these again and! My hubby wants that marshmallow launcher and the finger drum set! LOL! ;)

  10. OMG! "I really feel like checking your own pockets before putting your clothes in the hamper is not that hard." -- your Mexican puts clothes in the hamper!!!???
    Beth O.

  11. Beth,
    LMBO! That was too funny! I'm going to answer your statement/question this way.....
    After years and years of training.....MOSTLY YES. I feel your pain though.... i remember coming home to his clothes in the foyer and asking, "What did you do? Come home and strip down naked in the foyer?" Apparently he did!
    Thanks for commenting! That made me laugh out loud!