Thursday, August 4, 2011

A DJing husband

I never realized how busy "DJs" are in the Latin community!  Parties, weddings, quinceaneras, graduations, birthdays, even baptisms!  Basically, if there is any type of party, there is a need for a DJ.

When I met mi Mexicano, I knew he was "into" DJing, but little did I know or understand.....

Once we moved in together I started noticing speakers popping up, then amplifiers, then equipment I didn't recognize.  Music was always going at our house which was fine with me.  I was all about some Cumbia!  Los ritmos me encanto! (I love the rhythms.)

He DJed a couple of parties here and there.  I would go with him and sit by the equipment.  Helping with whatever I could.  Some of the guests occasionally stared at me.  Probably wondering "porque esa gringa esta aqui???"   I didn't care. Occasionally the host would offer my husband and I a plate of food.  Que rico!  Tamales....yum yum yum.  Oh, and  I loved the music and watching the people dance.

The Mexican's popularity started growing.  Formerly known as DJ LATINO (when in NewYork) He was now known as                              

                                                    DJ CASTILLO

I was content with the occasional party.  The extra money was cool!
I was pregnant by this time. 
The Mexican decided to purchase some extra equipment and start video mixing!   Well that took off like crazy!  Before I knew it he was DJing at clubs!
and was now known as 

                                                     VJ CASTILLO

Of course DJing at clubs would come around  once I was pregnant!  I should have taken my happy, fat butt up to da club feelin' nauseas and all swollen!  I didn't though.  I was worried the loud music and vibrations from being so close to the speakers would affect my unborn child somehow.

Every weekend my husband would have a gig  The extra income was ROCKIN"! The downside  was he usually came rolling in the door around 4 AM and if he had a gig Sunday night,  Monday when he got up to go to his regular 9-5, he was GRUMPY!

The closer I got to my due date, the more nervous I became that I would go into labor while he was DJing!  I constantly reminded him, "Make sure you have your phone on vibrate!  Make sure you check your phone every hour, even if you don't feel it vibrate!  Make sure you check your texts!  I even had my friend prepared to make an emergency trip to the appropriate Latin club if needed....

Luckily that never happened and I went into labor during the middle of the week, during the day.

Once our son was born, the gigs slowed down.  The Mexican wanted to be home with us on the weekends and just do occasional small parties on the side. He transformed our garage into a mini DJ studio. (Thank goodness!  Sometimes the constant BOOM BOOM BOOM from the bass gave me a headache!  At least in the garage it was more like a muffled BOOM BOOM BOOM....
Our neighbors probably wondered what in the hell we were doing.  Music blarin' , house shaking.... but it was all good apparently.... the cops were never called.  We were respectful and no loud music after 8 p.m.  Actually, I think we were quite the entertainers for our neighborhood.  I mean, who wouldn't enjoy working out in their yard while listening to Celso Pina y Control Machete?
(tried to find the music video, but they were all poor quality.  So here is the musica!)


  1. Are those pictures of your husband?! DJ Castillo >> VJ Castillo ... LOVE IT. I prefer DJs to live music, actually. Is that weird? Estoy curiosa ... does your son love music? I wonder if some of his papi's love for musica transferred to the womb? :D

  2. Ezzy,
    Yep, that is him..... In full DJ/VJ mode... haha! My son likes music and maybe in the years to come he will love it as much as his dad. I do feel that my son got his creative side from his dad for sure!