Sunday, August 7, 2011

What do I Look Like

A month or so ago, The Mexican and I went to Wal-Mart to put gas in the car.  There was a long line!  The Mexican pumped and I went to pay.  There were about 4 people in front of me and 3 people behind me waiting to pay.  All of a sudden I feel a tap on my back. This man who was not in line comes up to me and says,
Him- "Mam, my wife and I have an emergency and I can't wait to pay.  Do you mind if I give you my Wal-Mart gift card in exchange for $20?
(you can buy gas with Wal-Mart gift card.)
Me-  Ummm, yeah I mind!  Sorry but you'll have to get it from someone else.

I remember being not so cheerful that day and what I really wanted to say was...
What do I look like?  An idiot?  I'm not falling for that!  Find some other idiot!  I mean really, do you think I'm not quick enough to figure out that if you give me your gift card (which probably has NO money on it) and I give you a 20, your going to be able to get gas?  What are you going to do?  Swipe the twenty dollar bill at the pump?  It makes more sense to swipe your fake gift card dude!

He didn't ask anyone else.  He walked away, clearly pissed off, so I'm kind of glad I didn't go off on a rant.  Once I made it through the line and back to the car, we began to pull off.  There he was sitting in his car around the corner with some woman.  I guess they were waiting for the next person that looked vulnerable.

A couple of weeks later I was at Walmart grocery shopping.  I was in the produce section and my son says, "Mommy, you didn't get mangoes!"  (he loves mangoes)  Having already passed them I turned my buggy around.  All of a sudden this woman appears out of nowhere screaming,
Her-"what is your problem?"
Me- (looking confused)  "are you talking to me?"
Her-"Yeah! you almost hit me with your buggy, do you have a problem?"
Me- "I don't have a problem, it sounds like you are the one that has a problem,  you were no where in sight when I turned my buggy around.  Know what, just go ahead...."
There was a man standing right beside me watching the whole thing.  He says to me, "Did I miss something?"  I replied, "Apparently we both did."  He responds with, "She's crazy!"

ummmm, ya think?!!

About 3 minutes later an employee came up to me and asked if I was okay.  I told her yes then explained to her how she just came up to me screaming, etc...  The employee proceeded to tell me that the woman frequents the store quite a bit and has "mental issues."  Just about that time we hear her screaming at some poor elderly man. "Are you squeezing those tomatoes?  I saw you squeezing the tomatoes!  You can't squeeze the tomatoes!"

OMG, let me get the hell outta here!

I've noticed I'm becoming more and more outspoken!  Hope I do not get into some type of fist fight one day!  I'd loose!  I'm not a fighter.  I've also noticed that it is harder and harder to keep my mouth shut.  Especially when it involves me or my family.

I know that I look vulnerable.  I look like I would not speak up.  Maybe that makes me an easy target.  Oh well....  maybe I'll loose my vulnerable look one day or maybe I should stop going to WalMart. 


  1. Lol that mental lady omg rofl u know i feel u and im glad u rnt letting psychos take advantage of u ppl like the with the walmart gc r y its hard to be nice to ppl these days everyone wants to just take advantage of kindness

  2. Girl, there is this sad looking, poor, little, old woman that stands on a local corner holding up a sign that says: "Hungry, please help." Well, just a few days ago...I saw her coming out of the liquor store with her purchase and getting into her car (that had two grown men sitting in the back of it)! I gotta say, I was shocked...her sign said she was hungry - not thirsty! It's so hard sometimes to find the line between helping someone - and just being a sucker.

  3. Cabrona,
    Yep for some reason I attract all the crazies! Crazy people and crazy guys (excluding Mi Mexicano.... hi hunny! if ur reading this).

    It's really sad. Remember back when people were all about honesty? It just seems like it is getting worse.... or maybe my parents sheltered me from it when I was younger. I dont know. Just the other day I saw a family sitting in a mini-van with the kids out by the road w/cardboard signs saying they were hungry. I thought, 'why are the parents not the ones outside holding the signs'...

  4. Tara, there is a common thread with your stories and I think it points to the problems you are having.... They all happened at Wal-Mart! That place is like a flame for all the crazy moths to fly towards.

    Even the Wal-Mart down here is full of crazies! Something about that store... :)

  5. Valarie,
    You are right about that one! It's just so convenient! It's like 10 minutes from me. But, I can not continue with crazies, so I might have to travel a little further. I thought the woman in the produce section was going to jump on me! haha! She totally caught me off guard and I was so P.O.ed after wards!

  6. You go girl! Be assertive. Me, on the other hand, must be crazy because I told off a police commandante in Reynosa. He had it coming but still not one of my most brilliant moments.

  7. Wow! I don't miss the crazy's in Walmart, I had one lady come up to me and ask if I would buy the food stamps off her card from here. She said, it had $500 on it and she just needed $100 cash so she could "buy diapers and baby clothes for her baby she was expecting" This girl was like a size "0" aside from the fact that she was dumb enough to ask a stranger to buy it! For all she knew, I was a cop!
    I get the crazies here but, they're just my in-laws! LOL

  8. Rita,
    I'd expect nothing less from you dear! Your blog cracks me up and I so love your sense of humor! I could see you telling the president off....

    I guess the crazies frequent Walmart... UH OH! Does that make me one of them???? Hope not! Today I went to Wally world to pick up a few items and while standing in line, some man asked me to watch his 6 yr old while he went back to get some bread. He's lucky I am a good person. If he would have given that opportunity to someone else (cuz ya never know who your "really" dealing with) it could have turned out bad!

  9. Geesh. What's up with Walmart shoppers? And for the record, amiga, I don't think you look vulnerable one bit. It may be more that you've been at the wrong place at the wrong time, one time too many. I respect the fact that you're able to put your foot down and say, "NO." I could learn a thing or two from you. <3

  10. Ezzy,
    Thanks for commenting amiga. What is funny is that it has taken me years to get to the point where I really stand up to people. The Mexican has actually had a lot to do with this. Maybe, it will be a future blog post.
    I still am soft hearted but I'm becoming more and more defensive and not sure if that is good or bad...