Sunday, August 28, 2011

Items I Must Try

During my most recent shopping trip, I saw some interesting items...

Look at this!  All I need to do, is add vodka to this tacon (high heel) and it's party time...

I would love to see the look on the Mexican's face when I hand him a drink en un tacon! (in a high heel)  I think he may be a little too "macho" for that, so guess I'll have to enjoy with friends....

There are plenty of tacones available, so although I did not pick any up this time.... I may on the next trip.

I have to admit there have been times at work, at a restaurant, at a friend's house etc. when I've really wished I had some hot sauce with me.  Sometimes I like to spice things up.   Sometimes I think to my self, "this would be so much better with some hot sauce!"  So, for all you hot sauce lovers out there.... look what I found!

Isn't the packaging cute?  I loved the cut out chili peppers. Would it be rude if I pulled one of these little bottles out of my purse?

Last but not least, I wonder if this is any good...

Look under the word Mustard.... huh? mucho caliente?
I'd probably like it.  After all, it says it's "mucho caliente"  and you know I really like things that are "mucho caliente".....   I prefer "mucho caliente" over "muy caliente" anyday!
LOL  (non spanish speaker must have printed the label.... unless I'm wrong and "mucho caliente" is correct)


  1. The jalapeño mustard looks firey-hot! Hey, those tacones could have a second-life and be converted into flower vases. : D

  2. Not sure where my comment went...... at any rate
    Ezzy, That is such a creative idea! One that I probably never would have thought of. Now I have another reason to go out and buy tacones and vodka! LOL

  3. Amiga I love the Vodka tacones!!! It's really original! lol... Saludos!


  4. I need a few of the tacones down here!! They are so cute, the next time I am in GA, I have to get some!!

  5. Yissele,
    Thanks for ur comment. I had to take a pic of the tacones because I had never seen them as well....

    You can purchase them at BigLots of all places! You being from GA, I know you know what BigLots is! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Oh yes, I know what Big Lots is! I miss their prices on most things!!!