Saturday, August 27, 2011

Singing the Blues

One of the cool things we love about our little city is this man.
We usually run into him outside of various shopping centers and gas stations.  Although he recognizes us and we recognize him, we still do not know his name.

He is always singing the blues!  His songs never get ya down..... they always make us feel good.  So whenever we see this gentleman, we stop what we are doing, take a break, enjoy his music, and give a little donation.

We ran into him a couple of days ago.  We gave a little extra and he gave us permission to record.

(on a side note, I must have been in a really talkative excited mood that day.  I had to edit out like a 5 min. conversation before he started singing. please over look my giddiness....   )


  1. He has a great voice! And his blues are so happy! Love seeing this bit of your local flavor :-)

  2. Jen,
    Thanks for commenting. I like his voice too. It's a breath of fresh air sometimes to run into him and sit back, relax, and enjoy his music. Glad u enjoyed! =)

  3. He should be working in a blues cafe. Love it! Lucky you. ; D

  4. Ezzy,
    It is funny you mention that because sometimes we pass a building with a sign out front that says "live free music Saturday nights." (it's a beat up looking building and not in the best area, so we've never stopped.)
    Whenever we pass it on a Saturday night I make sure my window is rolled down and we drive by slow enjoying the music, usually the blues.
    Who knows, maybe one day we will stop in.