Friday, August 26, 2011

The Laser Show

We decided to have some family fun and take our little guy to Stone Mountain Park to see the Laser Show.  It had been years since The Mexican and I saw it.   

Our original plan was to pick up some food from Subway or KFC and have a picnic on the lawn while waiting for the show to start. (this is what most people do).  Our son was hungry and in order to avoid a melt down we decided it was best to stop and eat somewhere.

If you've never been or are in the area and want something fun and inexpensive to do, the laser show is something to put on your list.  It is $10 per car to enter the park.  No matter how many people you cram into your car, the price is still $10.  The actual show is free.  Not too bad.

We got our blanket out of the car and started walking to the lawn area.  The Mexican proceeded to doubt me and said, "Your bringing a blanket?  I don't see anyone else with a blanket."  I replied with, "Don't doubt the gringa!  I've lived here for almost 25 years and have been to the laser show a million times.  I know what to do!"  Just then another group of people passed us with their blankets.  (haha! told ya so!)

We found a spot on the lawn and spread out our blanket.  I knew to get there early.  If you wait too late, forget finding a spot on the lawn.  The actual laser show doesn't start until it is dark outside.  I knew we would have some time to kill (hence bringing a picnic) so I made sure I brought our son some toys in my purse.

It was fun sitting there listening to the music being played over the speakers and people watching (one of my favorite things to do).

My son asked why there were Mexican men riding horses on the front of the mountain.  After holding back some laughter (he's only 5...) I explained it is actually a carving of confederate soldiers (Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee).

It finally started getting dark.  By this time most people's shoes were off, people were dancing to the electric slide on the finely manicured lawn and kids were playing.  Vendors were walking around selling glow in the dark toys.

The laser show started.  It brought back memories of my childhood.  I remember going with my parents and now I was there with my family.  The show has changed a little.  There are a couple of 3D moments and the mountain looks like it is crumbling during one part.  The finale is always the best.  This was the first time my son had seen professional fireworks.

Here is a little snippet of the ending. (you may want to lower your volume, it's loud) 

Great fireworks at the ending!

It was a fun evening for sure.  To learn more about the laser show and all the things Stone Mountain Park has to offer CLICK HERE.


  1. Sounds like so much fun. Stone Mountain is one of the places we never got to see when we were in Georgia but always wanted to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We used ot take the kids every year, I missed going this year, it is always fun. Both kids wanted to go on the Sky High but, I never would let them! Have you went to Snow Mountain?

  3. Jennifer,
    Thanks for commenting. If you ever come back to Georgia, you should go! They have so much to enjoy there. =)

    I've wanted to try Snow Mountain! We had been working on paying off our debt and never went because it was kind of expensive. Maybe this year!
    Thanks for commenting amiga!