Monday, November 28, 2011

Going Crunchy


(or as the online slang dictionary describes it: "hippie-esque; "all-natural". Refers to the crunch of granola, which (as goes the stereotype) hippies are likely to eat.")

We've tried many times to go crunchy.
The Mexican has been a great sport when it comes to me dabbling in my health food escapades.

First we went gluten free. (expensive)

  Then we incorporated whole foods.  (I had tons of time on my hands because I made everything from scratch.  Nothing processed, from a can or a box!) 

 Slowly we started leaving out meat, and were for the most part vegetarian. (hard to do when your hubby prefers chorizo over Soy-Rizo)

 Lastly, we tried to switch completely over to "raw food" (extremely sore jaws due to chewing up all those raw fruits and veggies).

It has been quite an interesting journey!  Expensive, time consuming, and messy! 

My hubby is usually all for it the first week then I get strange looks accompanied with a "What's this?  This taste like cardboard!"
(Umm, hello? Do you not recall me talking your ears off about our new health food journey to which
  you agreed!??)

Slowly but surely we have drifted back into old habits and a box of pop-tarts sits in our pantry as I write this.

Lately I've been feeling run down.  I'm sure it's due to stress and the fact I barely have time to eat, so when I do, I pop a frozen taquito (well, more like 3 taquitos) into the microwave.   My size doesn't bother me.  I know I can be gordita and stylish at the same time.  The tired and rundown feeling is a different story.

When our diet consisted of unprocessed foods and more fruits and vegetables than sweets, I felt great.  I had tons of energy. 
My hubby travels a lot and some days I feel like I'm being held captive at work.  I do not have the same amount of time I use to.  

Which brings us to my new adventure!
It's time to break out the juicer!  
(If you happen to read this hunny, prepare yourself now....)

I'll still be cooking as non processed as I can.  After all, I have to make sure my little man is nourished.
My plan is to juice one meal per day and work up from there.

I'm just a little a lot addicted to YouTube videos.  Juicing videos have been my guilty pleasure for almost a month now. Before drifting off into la-la land,  I lay in bed watching them on my phone. 

This should be no surprise to my husband.  I'm sure he's seen the wheels turning in my head.

Wish him us luck! 


  1. I have tried all of the healthy diets but, like you always drifted back to old habits. They do say, "Old habits die hard!"
    Since we have been here in Mexico, i can't find all of my favorite junk foods of I do and just can't afford it! so, hI have been forced to go more healthy! Guess what? I have lost down two sizes and my daughter who was over weight in the US is now normal weight for her age and gieght!! YAYYYY!
    Good luck on your new Juice diet to you and your poor husband! LOL
    BTW, Miguel never lasted a week, the first day he would come home to find some healthy meal other than his idea of healthy, I would get, I am not going to get full with this and after dinner, he would go out Chevron and come back with a Maruchan!

  2. Stephanie! That is awesome. Congrats to you and your daughter!
    How funny your hubs would run to the Chevron to grab un Maruchan! LOL
    Hopefully I will drop a few pounds in the process, although my energy is my concern.... I feel totally drained.
    I made my 1st juice today and I will have to tweek it some if my husband is going to get on bored. I didn't think it was too bad, but I know he'd have a comment or two. Guess it is a good thing he is out of town so I can give the recipes a shot and see which will be winners in his book.
    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Juicing, huh? Interesting to say the least.

    I have always found that if I eat some fruits and veggies and drink water every day, I tend to feel better. Not feel so drained after a long day. I usually don't eliminate anything from my daily diet or I tend to want it more. So, I just try to limit the quantity. But, maintaining eating some healthy foods is how I keep balanced.

    Hope you find your balance somehow. Good luck!

  4. Juicing! What does that all entail? Do you only juice fruits and veggies? Oh-my. Can't wait to hear about these escapades. I'm open to just about anything as long as it's not green liquid. You know? : p

  5. LOL Ezzy! Well, it entails juicing a bunch of fruits and veggies. I made a drink the other day and it was soooooooooo GOOD! I'm definitely going to have to write a follow up post! And guess what!? It was green! If we lived closer, I'd bring ya some! LOL

  6. It is so true that processed food and sugar make you feel lethargic. You have been through a lot of variations of healthy eating. Congrats on sticking with it as long as you have. If the juicing doesn't work out and you want to try something else, let me know. There is an awesome anti-inflammatory diet that works well for weight loss, energy levels, and healthy skin and hair. I do it every January to undo the holiday damage. Even if you don't want to lose weight, it is awesome for overall health.

  7. Thanks for the info Estrellita! I will definitely let you know! Abrazos!

  8. Haha...I totally feel you on the hubby not getting into thing. ;) Finally, I found something to get hubby psyched...that documentary I wrote about in my post (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead). Hubby got totally into it and is excited to start juicing and eating more healthful foods! Let's hope it sticks! ;)

    1. I'm going to have to watch that documentary! I'm going to look for it this weekend. Is it on Netflix? Hubby needs to watch it.... I may have to tie him down.... wish me luck!