Friday, November 11, 2011

Spanish Friday

English translation below

Una Semana de Vacacion o Una Semana de Trabajo?

La proxima semana tengo una semana de vacacion.  El doctor con quien yo trabajo no va a trabajar y voy a tomar la semana tambien.  Entre todas las cosas que una mujer, esposa,  y mama hacen todos los dias, tengo una lista de objetivos que quiero lograr.

  1. Limpiar mi cuarto y el cuarto de mi hijo.  Quiero poner toda la ropa y los zapatos que no utilizamos en bolsas y guardarlos para el proximo viaje a Mexico. 
  2. Limpiar la carpeta de la casa y hacer una limpieza muy profunda de toda la casa.
  3. Tengo que ir a la escuela de mi hijo en 2 ocasiones.  El 16 es su cumpleanos y quiero traer pastelitos.  El 17 voy a comer lunche con el y ayudar en la biblioteca.
  4. Tengo que finalizar los planes de la fiesta de cumpleanos  vamos a tener en el fin de semana. 
  5. Tengo que llevar mi carro al mecanico. Necesito un cambio de aceite y frenos.
  6. Quiero bloguear.
  7. y si tengo tiempo quiero ver un poco de tele y tomar una siesta.

A Week of  Vacation or a Week of Work?
Next week I'm on vacation.  The doctor I work with is not working, so I took a week off as well. In between the normal things a woman, wife, and mother do daily,  I have a list of goals I want to accomplish.

  1. Clean out my bedroom and my son's bed room.  I want to put all the clothes and shoes we do not use and bag them up to take on the next trip to Mexico.
  2. Clean our carpet and do a deep cleaning on the house.
  3. I have to go to my son's school 2 times this week.  The 16th is his birthday and I want to bring cupcakes. The 17th I'm eating lunch with him and volunteering in the library.
  4. I have to finalize plans for my son's birthday party we are having that weekend.
  5. I have to take my car to the mechanic.  I need an oil change and brakes.
  6. I want to blog.
  7. and if I have time, watch some t.v. and take a nap.


  1. Looks like a good list. I always have a similar one going :p Buena suerte getting it all done! Enjoy your "vacation" lol

  2. Ay, amiga, pero que si estas ocupadisima. That's not a vacation. Then again, sometimes it's just good for our mental health to unplug from el trabajo (housework better than work-work). You strike me as somebody who's super-organizada. When are you planning on visiting Mexico, again? ... Hey, I've been thinking about that Mexican candy thingy you mentioned when we spoke. : ) Te mando un abrazote. xoxo

  3. Sounds like you'll feel like you've accomplished a lot when the week is over. That always feels good!

  4. The nap sounds like the best part of your vacation ;-) But really, I LOVE it when I have a day at home but my kids are in school. I love taking time to organize or clean without being interrupted 18 times an hour. It is like a vacation just to have some hours at home, alone. Enjoy your week off of work! I hope you get lots done and get a nice, long nap! ((hugs))