Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missing Blogger

I know I've been missing lately.

Actually I'm not sure if I'd consider it missing..... more like being held captive somewhere!

With that being said, sadly I can not elaborate too much.  After all you never really know who may stumble upon your blogicito!

Until I can elaborate more (because believe me, I've got TONS to say), I'll be posting here and there when time allows.

I love mis amigas blogueras (my blogger friends).  It's like a little family that I'm thankful for.

At any rate, blogging is much cheaper than therapy, so I am going no where!

To be continued.....


  1. Can't wait until you get back from being kidnapped!!!

  2. Now you've got us all hooked again!

  3. Yes details!! Should me set up a ransom fund for you?

  4. Thanks guys for the comments. Oh how I'd love to let loose and fill you in on the craziness. But like I said above... you never know who is reading your blog. It's funny because I friend of mine said, you need to be blogging about "this mess" no one would believe this crazy (explicative)! Can't do it here.... unless I start a new closed group blog. Depends on how much longer I'll be in this situation. If I feel the need to hold a therapy session... I mean blog about it... and set up a closed group, you guys will be the 1st to know!

    At any rate, Jennifer, you might want to start working on my ransom fund. LOL

  5. I am glad you are back! I missed seeing your Sunday tweets about new posts, amiga! I hope things are better for you is just messy sometimes, isn't it? Hang in there!

  6. Looking forward to your return!