Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When I 1st met my husband he was flaco! (skinny)  After years of my good cooking he has put on some weight.  He's still kind of flaco in my book, but let's just say I have something to hold on to now.

So after eating a filling dinner the other night, hubby and I were standing in the kitchen.
He sat on the window sill and pulled me in for a good hug!
I said, "Be careful! Don't break the window sill!"
He replied, "Ok ballena ( spanish for whale)"
I shouted, "WHAT?"
He quickly defended his self, "You just called me a SEAL (.... and started to bark and clap his hands)
I said, "I didn't call you a seal!  I said don't break the window sill..... as in... where you are sitting!"
Hubby, "oops! sorry!"


  1. LMAO!!! Gotta love miscommunication. The worst is when it's over text message. Your husband's funny. ; D

  2. OMG Tara! That is friggin hilarious. I would have punched mine if he ever called me a whale!

  3. So funny but, I would seriously kill Miguel if he called me a ballena! Even playing!!! HAHAHA

  4. He better spring for some flowers over the whale remark. HA! I'm sure he was just trying to stay in the ocean-living mammal family. I'm not one to usually point out errors but I think you meant "sill". With your Georgia accent it probably sounds like seal. Unless hubby was actually sitting on the glass window itself then possibly he could break the pane from its seal around the edges.

    1. LOL, Rita, I had to go back and correct my mispelling! The post makes more sense that way. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm sure it was due to my southern "twang!"

  5. Yes! A punch did cross my mind! LOL
    Thanks Rita for pointing out the error I made....
    Did I mention grammar is not my strong point which is really bad when you are a blogger. haha
    Thanks for all the comments!

  6. Lol...you guys are cute! I agree with Ezzy, I love reading all the funny text messages that people send...ridiculous...lol.

  7. Thanks Chantilly! Lots of miscommunication goes on in our household, but it all gets worked out in the end and we are able to laugh.

  8. It's so GREAT that you both can laugh about everything! Thanks for sharing these funny stories! You always make me smile, Tara :-)

  9. Since hubby has been in El Salvador, his English has been getting really choppy. I actually find it quite cute and have fun laughing with him over the phone at his mistakes :)

  10. I almost choked on a strawberry while I was reading this, lol.