Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zoo Atlanta

Looking for something fun to do?  Last weekend I took our son to the zoo!  The best part of all....  FOR FREE!

Thanks to the Georgia Public Library, I received a family pass (free admission for 2 adults and 2 children) after checking out the "Zoo Atlanta Pass DVD."  It was that simple!  Anyone with a valid library card can take advantage of this awesome opportunity.  Visit your local branch, watch the DVD, return it and receive your free family pass.  *you have one week only to use the free family pass*  Find out more here.

It was a little chilly the day we decided to visit.


Unfortunately, "The Mexican" was still out of town.  I hate he didn't get to go with us.  Guess what this 3800 lb. elephant's name was.... Tara!  Oh well, too bad hubby wasn't there!  He missed a prime joke opportunity! (trust me, I know there would have been a joke!)

The lethal Cassowary.  One of our son's favorite birds.  Glad he was behind bars.

A Silverback Gorilla

Komodo Dragon

3 Banded Armadillo

 We were so busy having fun that we didn't have time to take pictures of all the cool animals we saw.  The Orangutans were cute!  One mama Orangutan was cradling her baby.  It was so sweet.  There were some joeys (kangaroos) hopping around.  Man! Their feet are huge.

The Giraffes are my favorite!  I read that next spring visitors will be allowed to feed them from a terrace.  Que cool!  I'm going to have to go back just for that!


A mama Tiger playing around with her cubs.  Those teeth look scary!

Our trip to Zoo Atlanta was a lot of fun and very educational.  They had zoo keepers around every corner to answer any questions you might have about the animals.  We attended different "Wild Life" shows and learned tons!

We finished off our trip with a ride on the carousel.

What a fun experience! Oh, and NO animal attacks like our last outing!  Woo hoo!!!

All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any form for this review.


  1. Love the pictures! Looks like a lot of fun! I didn't know there was a panda in Atlanta. My middle daughter is a huge panda lover and she will be thrilled to know that there is a zoo in a city where we have family members that has pandas! That Silverback gorilla does not look happy to have his picture taken...LOL! A little grumpy there? Great post, Tara!

    1. Thanks Jen!
      Yes, that gorilla was tad grumpy!!!
      The next time you guys are in Atlanta, you should take your girls to the zoo! The Pandas were soooo sweet!

  2. What a great trip to the zoo! And it was free! Right on! Very nice photos! I especially liked the panda and the gorilla.

    Hey, we're going to an "Angry Birds" birthday party this Friday. Everytime I see them, I think of you and your son. :)

    1. Jackie,
      Thanks for commenting amiga!
      FUN!!!! I hope you guys enjoy the "Angry Birds" birthday party. I if there will be any Angry Bird activities? You'll have to fill me in.

  3. Fun post and I love the pictures. Haven't been to a zoo in ages .....

    1. Thank you for commenting! =) It was a lot of fun.

  4. Que lindas fotos, Amiga! It looks like you guys had so much fun. Me da no se que ver el elephante behind bars. I always wonder how kindly the zookeepers really treat all the animals. If I think about it too much, my mind gets away from me. Yeah, that Cassowary isn't looking too nice. Glad he kept his beak to himself and that there weren't any close calls this time!

    1. I know Ezzy! It really was upsetting seeing the elephant and other animals in such small habitats! The elephant was actually behind the bars just to show us some of the tricks it could do. The trainers say they use positive re-inforcement and demonstrated for us. The elephant actually gets to choose if it wants to even come out from the habitat into that small space (where the bars are) for tricks and treats...

      I always try and look at it as an educational experience with our son. I want him to see and learn about different animals. It breaks my heart though thinking of how they should be in the wild roaming freely! I hope the animals they do have at the zoo are animals that for some reason need to be in captivity for some reason or another.

      Thanks for commenting mi amiga linda!