Monday, May 28, 2012

What's on Your Cellphone?

Has anyone else seen this new marinara sauce?  Anyone tried it?  It better be some kickass marinara sauce for $7.88!

So, the other day I realized I was out of dishwashing detergent.  I decided to improvise.  I mean is it really necessary to use "dishwashing" detergent or is that some kind of marketing scheme to get you to spend more?

Yes, you do need to buy dishwashing detergent apparently.   So now what do I do?  Well you definitely DON'T want to clean it up and take the dishes out then re-wash them by hand!

Improvise my friends.....  Improvise......

We're proud new parents of a baby jalepeno!  We bought these topsy turvys for $1.50 at BigLots.  I had little faith in them.  To my surprise we had a jalepeno pop out and our tomatoes are starting to get little buds on them.  With hubby traveling so much, this is our only option for garden veggies this year.

While running errands we decided to stop and eat Mexican for lunch.  It just happened to be Cinco de Mayo.

Here is our dessert!  "Tres Leches" cake

.... while at the Mexican restaurant some girls approached us with a little flyer.  They were selling "SUPER FRUIT" margaritas!

made with "acai" berries which is very high in antioxidants, no added sugar or chemicals.  This made me want to fall on the floor and start laughing like a crazed woman!  I held it together though...  Hubby and son were with me.  WTH!  Like I'm going to spend $15 bucks on a "super fruit" margarita after I've eaten my fat, calorie, preservative filled food and am now munching on a sugary piece of tres leches cake.  Ummm, who was the mastermind behind that one?

I found this idea on Pinterest.  What a great idea to use El Pato cans as little planters/vases...


My son's rendition of my blog header.

What's on your cellphone???


  1. It's fun going back and looking at camera pics. :p Ay, yay, yay .... I always wondered what would happen if I used regular dishwashing liquid. The Pato planters are too cute for words. Todas tus photos are fun, Amiga. I'm LMAO over the healthy margarita. Right.

    1. Thanks Ezzy. Now ya know 'bout the dishwashing liquid...haha. Yeh, the healthy margarita gave me a good laugh.
      Thank you for your comment amiga. Hope all is well on your end.

  2. I made the detergent mistake. I filled both cups to the top. Ugh! It spread from one end of the kitchen to the other. I had to get a show shovel and toss the suds out the back door. The positive side was that I've never seen such a clean kitchen floor.
    Your lunch looks incredible! I think I will have to go out for enchiladas very soon.

    1. Estrellita,
      Yes, you are right about having such a clean floor. I stopped taking pictures at that point (above). The suds continued and I went through MANY towels!!!
      Thanks for commenting.

  3. I loved your son's rendition of your blog header. Very sweet!

    :( I want a jalapeno garden too! The canned ones we get here are super-expensive!

    1. Thank you, Vidya. My son loves to draw. SO far that jalepeno above is the ONLY one that has developed. Hoping for more.
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I made the mistake with the dish detergent. I lie estrellita filledboth cups up and left to go to the store. I came back an hour and a half later to suds all the way out of my kitchen into the entrance hall! The were atleast 4 inches deep!. Needless to say, my carpet got a good presoak!

    I saw the El Pato cans, they are too cute.

    1. Stephanie,
      Too funny! I bet you ended up with clean carpet and a clean kitchen floor!

  5. i LOVE your blog and i am totally going to try the can-planter idea. i dug up a wild-strawberry plant i found and planted it in a peanut-butter container. it's sitting on our front patio like that. i was quite pleased with myself but our neighbors would probably appreciate it if i would save up some decorative cans to have on hand for these moments :-)

    1. Beth,
      I remember finding wild strawberry plants when I was younger. How cool that you found some. I bet they would look adorable in the pato cans!
      Thanks for the comment about my blog. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.