Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's Throwback Thursday!  If you participated please leave your link below.

Have I ever mentioned what a big Elvis fan I am?  Well, I am.  So, one year I dressed my little one up as Elvis for Halloween.  I think this was my most favorite Halloween costume to date.

His thick black hair went perfectly with the costume.  A little gel and voilà!

Lil' Elvis headed to Grandma's house to stock up on candy!

The look on my parent's faces was PRICELESS!

We had the best time trick-or-treating that year.  He had no clue why he was such a hit.  What a special treat for me to be able to hang out with the "king!"

Here's a little Elvis to get your day going!  Enjoy!


  1. HE IS ADORABLE TARA!!!!!!!!! How old is he in these photos? I can't wait for my son to be old enough to go trick or treating! :D!!

    1. Day,
      I think he was almost 2 (if I am remembering correctly). You're going to have the best time with your son! It's a lot of fun. ;)

  2. So cute. And I loved getting a hunk o' burning love to start my day off right :-D I love Elvis, too! In college I used to have a velvet Elvis dress with his face airbrushed on...LOL! What a fun throwback Thursday post, Tara!

    1. Jen,
      So glad I could add a little picker upper to your day. I would LOVE to see the velvet Elvis dress!!!!! I bet that would be considered a collector's item! How cool =)

  3. Nice little Elvis - you should repost this around Halloween.