Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Radios Sonideras y Android Apps

I'm changing hubby's nickname from "Sexy-Mexi" to "Techy-Mexi"...
Because, my husband never ceases to amaze me.

Not only does he love music but he loves cell phones and computers too.   He has practically taught himself how to write HTML code and FlashCS5 (if I'm wording that correctly).

Oh, did I mention he can't sit still!

He really is a jack of all trades!  Carpenter, builder, welder, electrician, plumber, landscaper, mechanic, and now we can add app developer to the list!

I really didn't take him seriously when he told me he was going to try and make an app for smart phones.  Why in the world did I doubt my Mexican MacGyver?  I should know better!  Really.

He now has 9 apps to his name.  I wanted to share them with everyone because I'm pretty proud!

Take a look at The Mexican's Google Play Shop!
If you love music like my hubby you should enjoy these apps.
The apps are free and only compatible with Android phones.

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Listen to Jason Aldean on hubby's country app

I'm enjoying his Country Radio app and finally catching up on today's country hits. I never listen to country but I've gotta show support!  Not feeling the corridos app.  I'm still up in the air about the sonidera app (I'll explain my confusion on musica sonidera in a different post).  Loving the Reggaeton app!

Get some cool (and free) music apps for your android phone compliments of The Mexican.
Click Here for Android Apps

Don't have an android phone but still want to listen to Radio Sonidera  (not an app, but a live radio "sonidera" hubby made) Click Here for Radio Sonidera


  1. Awwww mannn... I would've loved to have the Reggaeton App! :( Tell him that he needs to make one for either a Blackberry or an IPhone.. please. :D

    **something funky just happened here.. sorry for the repost of my comment..

  2. Will do Day. I hope he does. The apps are pretty cool. Thanks for your sweet comments. =)