Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Yay!  He picked out a scary costume this year.  Un Vampiro!
Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations!  Why?  I think it stems back to my childhood.  I loved dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and enjoying the festive decorations my mother would display every year.  I have great childhood memories of Halloween and want my son to have great memories as well.

This was the 1st year I actually decorated inside our house.  Back when we were Kicking Debt's A$$, I didn't splurge on this kind of stuff.  I found most of my decorations at the dollar store this year.  Go me! My little decorating project turned out to be pretty cheap!

I kept the decorating a surprise and it paid off.  Our son was thrilled when he saw it!  (It doesn't take a lot to impress a 6 year old.)  Hopefully I will continue this tradition until my son outgrows it.  Heck, I may still continue it even after he outgrows it...  Hubby seemed to really enjoy my decorations too.  Sometimes I forget a lot of this is new to him as well.

Here's a little of what I did...

 I love these little lanterns.  Turn on the switch and they light up.  Not bad for $1.   I hope they are spooky on Halloween night.


Although not spectacular, my son thought my mantle was awesome!  Complete with flying inflatable bat above. (I added some additional bats throughout the house.....scary!)

Spooky tree table topper on top of a candy corn table cloth I found at Wal-Mart for (you guessed it) $1!

I made my own curtain ties with these little skeletons.  Que miedo!

I couldn't forget about spiders!

or bats!!  Especially since I have a little vampiro running around the house!

Halloween window decals...

I put this little amigo on the dining room table.

Our pumpkin carving experience was quite the event.  I was overly ambitious and got hubby, son , and myself each a pumpkin to carve.   Not bad considering World War III almost broke out and our "EEK" pumpkin turned into an "ECK" pumpkin.  (Hubby carved the "eek", I mean "eck pumpkin!  I let it slide since he didn't even know he made a boo-boo and I spent 15 minutes trying to explain what "eek" meant.  Mine is the witch!  Yes, I'm bragging!)

Son and I made some caramel apples.  I was hoping it would help with a loose tooth he had but no such luck!   Fall and Halloween just aren't complete without caramel or candy apples!!!

I'm going to make these today while my son is at school.  Nothing like a sugary mummie cupcake right before going out to load up on candy!  This actually might be a mistake. Hope he will go to sleep tonight!  They were just too cute to pass up!

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. What delightfully awesome decorations! I especially like the jack-o-lantern paper lanterns. You guys have an amazing array of Halloween decorations in States! (We have our fair share up here, but nothing compared to those south of the 49th).

    Thank you very much for blog comment today. That post is three years old now, but I think most of the sites mentioned in are still going strong.

    Have a fantastic Halloween,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. My kids would would be packing up and heading for your house if I let them see your pics so we'll keep it a secret. We have a tote full of decorations in the garage and I didn't even bring them out. With both girls having October birthdays, I was exhausted by the time today rolled around. Maybe next year!

    I'm still trying to set up the ofrenda for my hubby and it's still on the small scale.


  3. You son is the cutest!!! I did nothing this year..but hopefully next year and I will use your tips! :D

  4. You certainly are one busy witch.
    We had a fun Halloween and hope you did too.

  5. FUN! You have way more energy me, Girl. I show this post to my son and he's going to tell me he's been cheated. *lol* The cupcakes, decorations, all of it is adorable ... well ... everything except for the arañas. *shudders* Sending you abrazos, Amiga.

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  7. I love the lanterns! Kids are happy with the smallest little things. The cupcakes turned out so cute. I saw the picture you posted on Facebook. Your son looks like he had a great Halloween!

    This post got me in the holiday spirit a bit. I might pass by the 99¢ store to pick some Christmas stuff. We don't have a Christmas tree, I threw it away and forgot to get a new one. Now the kids are all grown up so I didn't see the point...

  8. Hahaha, I love the eck pumpkin!!!! :)