Sunday, October 21, 2012

P*nche Lentes!

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 I talked hubby into getting an eye exam!  Not because he squints a lot or complains of blurred vision.
 He has never had an eye exam and I figured now is as good as ever to get his ojitos checked.  I mean what harm is there in checking the health of his eyes?

Well, turns out "The Mexican" needs lentes (glasses)!  So he tried on some frames y WOW! Que guapo!!  Anyways, we picked out his frames, and placed the order for his glasses then went home.

A couple of weeks later I received a call that his glasses were ready.  I was so excited.  I think he was too.  I had been bragging about how guapo y intelegente he had looked in the frames...  I called hubby and told him I was leaving work and to meet me at the eye store.


Once there, he tried on the glasses and we proceeded to walk to our cars.
Hubby says, "I'm taking these off.  I don't like them."
Me,  "No!  You have to get use to them.  It always looks a little different when you 1st put on a new pair of glasses."
Hubby,  "Somethings not right."
Me, "Trust me, in a day or two you'll  be use to them."

We turned to go towards our cars which were in separate directions.  All of a sudden I heard a loud noise followed by tons of curse Spanish!  I turned around and hubby was holding his head.  He had just walked straight into the metal light post in the middle of the parking lot.

Me, "OMG, are you okay?"
Hubby, "No!  I'm taking these p*nche lentes off!"
Me, "Okay, okay."
Hubby, "They are making me dizzy!  I see better with them off.  Something is wrong."
Me, "Okay, let's go back."

So, we went back inside the eye store and sure enough mi Mexicano was right.  Upon further investigation.... turns out his right eye prescription and left eye prescription (which of course were different) had been switched.

I'm so glad I wasn't too persistent about him leaving them on.  Can you imagine if he had driven?  Ay! Dios mio!  Not good.

So, here we sit, waiting for the issue to be corrected.   They are going to call us when his glasses are ready.  I know how stubborn my husband is.  He did the whole eye exam for me, but at this point he has written the whole idea of wearing glasses off.  He told me he sees just fine.


  1. This is going to sound bad, but thank God he hit his head! I was like him a few years back. I didn't wanted to wear my glasses even though it wasn't high prescription. Eventually, my vision got worse, so now I'm force to wear them for reading. I need an eye exam myself. Haven't had one in 3-4 years!

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. :-)

    1. Thanks amiga. I got my ojitos checked too. We will be styling with our new lentes. haha
      YES! Gracias a dios that he hit his head, otherwise we may have never gone back into the store.

  2. Good thing you checked into the problem. It's awful when mistakes are made with any medical related thing.

  3. This is so funny, same thing happened to my hubbie on his first pair of frames who got made on discount when he started working for a glasses company. He actually went in denial for an age that something was wrong (my hubby loves his glasses see) until finally got them checked out and sure enough same problemo. haha snap

    1. Oh my! This sounds like quite a common occurence. Who would have ever thought it??? Well, glad our hubbys didn't kill anyone driving! =)

  4. I feel so guilty for LAUGHING. Pobrecito tu marido. How is it that these things happen to him? As always, you have a gift for telling a funny story.