Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mexico Pics

Hubby took some pictures on his recent trip to Mexico that I wanted to share with everyone.  I was hoping he'd remember how much I love La Sequia and surprise me with pictures.  Doesn't he read my blog?  No pictures of  la sequia...  He was too busy doing needed repairs at his mother's home and visiting with family.

Per hubby's request I'm not posting any pics that include family.  I am however hoping to sneak one of him in... shhh...

Coahuila, Mexico
(The people's goverment)


                                      Aren't the mountains absolutely gorgeous!

      Painted on a restroom wall.  Not a bad idea!  I may tape some signs up in my own restroom as reminders to hubby and son!
"Men's Urinal:  Please lift the lid before using."

"After using the bathroom and pushing the water lever (flushing), return the lever back up (it must stick)."

"Please turn off the light when leaving."

I was shocked to see that hubby's little town now has paved roads and stop signs!!!

Look at those eyes and floppy ears!  Que cute, verdad!

Oh my goodness!  What could be cuter than this little guy!!!

This can!  Hubby holding all that cuteness above! 

Little girl feeding some pigeons.

Hubby said they ate some roasted chicken here.

 Shoe shine guy. 

Hope you enjoyed.
  Can't wait to tell you guys about my mini-Mexican haul!  Otherwise known as what hubby brought us back.


  1. still have shoe shine guys? That is a cute little goat.

  2. great photos amiga :D i have never been to Coahuila!!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! The mountains do look amazing. Hey, those signs up in the bathroom are very similar to what I'm having to do in my sons' bathroom (add the clothes off the floor and rinse the sink). Thank you for sharing. :-)