Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mala Energia and a Little Brujeria

So lately I've had this feeling like I have some bad energy around me.  Not sure where it is coming from...  I mean, everything is good.  New job, great hours, good health, todo esta bien con mi Mexicano y yo,our son is doing great and we have no worries.  I should feel great!  I can't seem to shake this feeling though.  This happens every now and then but nothing usually happens and the feeling passes.  I just hate feeling this way though., especially when I've had it for almost a week now.  I'm trying not to feed into it (I'm sure writing this post is kind of defeating "not feeding into it," right?)

I miss having conversations con mis amigas Latinas.  They had an answer for EVERYTHING!  Over the years I've picked up a lot of info on things you can do to help your "situation."  I really must say that chatting  con amigas who believe in brujeria  is quite entertaining and very informative. I never recall hearing any sort of info on just a "bad feeling" you may have and how to get rid of it.  It got me to thinking of the other scenarios I heard about and their plans of action. Thought I'd share the ones I remember.
(These come from Mexico, Colombia, and Puerto Rico)


  • If someone is coming over to your house and they have "bad energy" or are "evil" etc...  You need to put a glass of clean water close to the door so when they enter it will catch the negativity and bad energy of said person.
  • To draw your significant other closer to you, write both your name and his/her name on two separate strips of paper.  Face them together and fold until small, then put in a bottle or container of "miel" (honey).
  • If  you believe or know your significant other is having an affair, talking to someone "inappropriate", hanging out with a bad friend, etc... and you want to separate the two.  Write the names of both people on two separate strips of paper.  Face them opposite each other.  Do not fold together.  Take a lime and cut an opening in it.  Place the names in the opening.  Wrap in aluminum paper (foil) and place in the freezer.
  • This one, I can NOT post!  It's pretty disgusting.  It is apparently suppose to make your man obsessed with you. (Not sure I'd want that! LOL)  I bet some of the ladies out there have heard of it. Ewww!  I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

So, how am I gonna kick this bad feeling to the curb???
Be positive, pray, exercise maybe feng-shui my house some...
and if all else fails, I'll try THIS!  (yes, I googled mala energia)  Actually, the bath sounds kind of nice as long as I don't end up smelling like vinegar.



  1. Glad to hear that everything is going well, still, we all get the blues sometimes. I'm sure brujeria (also very popular in Cuba) works really well (especially if you believe that it works lol) but when I'm down I try to think about how lucky I am and all of the things I'm thankful for. Some people have it really really bad. Sometimes that snaps me out of it.

    Planning something really fun sometimes works too. :)

  2. When I get that blue feeling, being outdoors, listening to upbeat music, watching a romantic comedy, or a little meditation go a long way. Yes, and exercise. I hope la mala enegia leaves soon. In the meantime, focus on all the positive. Sending you a big hug, Amiga.

  3. Very interesting. I have heard of the gross one. I think it is a little too nasty and a majorly desperate measure for an obsessed person. LOL

    I don't know what happened to my blog. It has disappeared. :( I am going to have to start another one I guess.

  4. Hmmm the blues suck!! I can't say I'd ever heard of those before, and have no idea the last one you were referring to!! LOL!!

    Hopefully the feeling passes real soon!!!

  5. Sorry you're feeling that negative energy. Carlos keeps magnets near the door and he says that helps - I don't know if I believe that... Usually I feel better after getting some more sunshine - you might be low on vitamin D.

    PS - The last one you didn't want to mention, I think I know the one you're talking about LOL! I thought it was a Salvadoran thing but I guess it's wider spread than that. Interesting!

  6. I'm from Puerto Rico, and when I read your first one I had to laugh out loud! I had completely forgotten about that one. I remember working at a restaurant as a manager, and the cook (an older & superstitious lady) never really liked me. Walking into my shift, I would often see glasses of water literally "hidden" all over the kitchen and hallways. Per the other employees she put them there for me! Of course, I never believed in that so I'd empty the glasses out. This lady just gave me such a hard time! LOLOL Thanks for the laugh. Hope your mala energía is gone!