Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jenni Rivera

Who's planning on watching the 2013 Latin Billboard Awards on Thursday, April 25th?  You bet I will be!

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Latin music has an energy all it's own no matter what genre you are listening to.  The Latin Billboard Awards is sure to impress like it does every year.  I have no idea who will be performing but I'm hoping for performances by  Pitbull, Espinoza Paz and Romeo Santos.  I'm excited to see what the stars will be wearing as well!

But, what I really can't wait finding out who is going to win Artist of the Year!
My pick is definitely Jenni Rivera.


Now let me explain why.
She was an awesome singer and performer.  She overcame so many hardships during her short life.  My main reason is because Jenni empowered women!  She told men and us ladies "like it is!"  Jenni's music was for everyone.  If you had a good man, you were extra grateful for him after listening to one of her songs.  If you didn't have a good man,  well you had that much more encouragement to kick him to the curb!

Take a look at some of her famous lyrics:
(from "Mirame")
Mirame, no soy la misma de antes   (Look at me, I'm not the same as before)
esta sonrisa es por alguien que quiero a morir   (this smile is for someone I love to death)
Mirame, es un placer saludarte    (Look at me, it's a pleasure to say hello to you)
hoy que tu vives tan triste y yo tan feliz   (now that you're living so sadly and I so happy)

Oh yeh!  and they only get better....

(from "Ese Hombre")
Ese hombre que tu vez ahi (That man that you see there)
que parece tan galante tan atento y arrogante     (that seems so galant so attentive and arrogant )
lo conozco como a mi    (I know him like I know myself)
Ese hombre que tu vez ahi  (That man that you see there)
que aparenta ser divino tan amable y efusivo  (that appears to be divine so friendly and warm)
solo sabe hacer sufrir  (only knows how to make others suffer)
Es un gran necio, un estupido engreido egoista y caprichoso (he is a big fool, stupid, cocky, selfish, and hardheaded )

As you can see, her songs can serve many purposes for us mujeres!  It can remind you how lucky you are to have a good man...
it can remind you you are not alone, she's been there too...

Okay, so Jenni definitely gets my vote.  Plus, I think it would be awesome for her to win Artist of the Year after the tragic accident that took her life.  Although she is gone, her memory and music live on.

Oh! Guess what...   I heard a rumor that a new Jenni Rivera album is going to be released soon.  I hope it's true.  I'll be at my local Target buying her CD before they are all gone!

Would you like the chance to win a $25 Target gift card?  Just tell me who you would pick for Artist of the Year.  Don't forget to include an email address, so I can get in touch with you once the winner is announced.  (Don't worry, you don't have to pick Jenni to win.)


  1. So I love Los Temerarios...I would pick them. Jenni is pretty good too. Thanks. Patricia. yellow_patricia at Hotmail dot com

  2. Tara, you have to go see Filly Brown this weekend. Jenni gives a 5 star performance.

  3. I have to agree with you Tara! Jenni was one awesome diva, singer, idol, and role model. She did overcome so many things and came out as one strong successful woman. I hate that I will never get to see her in person, but I listen to her music almost daily.

  4. I am also hoping Jenni Rivera wins artist of the year. I love her songs she was a great woman. I loved that no matter what went wrong in her life time after time she always got back up and didn't let it bother her. My personal favorite song of her's is "Ahora que estuvistes lejos" I think she has a song that every woman can relate to.